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I am going to start with the presentation of the product
The product runs in 6 different languages. You can change these in real time.
You can configure the backdrop any way you wish.
On entering the program, all I need to do is to choose a 'Slice'.
What is a Slice? It's the area in which I want to work.
I can work with Receivables, Sales, Purchases, Accounts, Costs
The amount of 'Slices' available to any customer is limitless.
Distributors, tax analysis, profiles, profits, anything you want can be set up as a template.
We even have a 'Comms'(Communications)template to control telephone costs.
The same for Web traffic within a Company I will quickly show a commercial template
as an example. I enter the software and it's ready to go
All that needs to be done after loading the data, meaning all the Parameters
(and that is a task to be perfomed at the clients')is to drag the chosen analysis for
it to be loaded. There we go! The result shows up immediately.
The whole software was conceived based on studies.
We have been studying our clients for 15 years in order to fit everything into one screen.
There are no superimposed windows. So here we have a screen where I create filters,
a screen where I display results, and a screen with options
For example, I want a 'sub total' option of my ranking
Then I discover that the first 3 yielded 94% of production
I then take the 'sub total' option I want to create a screen with an 'ABC Curve'
I will call the first 3 “A”, the next 3 “B” and all the remainder “C”
It checks and already shows me that the first 3 accounted for 94% of results.
All this can be run with any base. Once the base is set up the product is ready to run.
So all the work that needs to be done by me is the preparation of the base
What other interesting features does it have to offer?
I can increase the screen size for better viewing.
I can export these results to Excel. I copy and paste.
I can create an e-mail with this data, or based on Collaboration as mentioned, I can
create a PowerNote Our clients suggested: how about creating
the possibility of making notes on screen? So it transforms the screen into a “note-taking
screen. I can higlight any data I wish, anyway I want.
And I can send and e-mail at the same time to anyone I wish, with my own observations.
I don't need to wait for a meeting, I don´t need to print anything.
The decision making process becomes even more dynamic
The software also allows me to link different modules.
For example, I can take this product here and analyse it over time periods
I drag an object and want to analyse the data over a period of time.
I come here and change the date, from 2007, month by month.
The software will display it. You can see these are the same filters, the
same options, you have a very fast learning curve of the product.
I return. The analysis are limitless.
There are time analysis, ranking, zero (those who did not sell)
The Wizard anaylis, the one I will show you now, which is a kind of anaylisis whrere you
can cross-reference any kind of data. So the results are really fast
For example, let me show you “Products” on the rown, and “Region” on Collumns
Here. The best product of the South Region is product
B. In the Southeast Region it is also product
B. What else do I have to do?
I can't draw any conclusions just by looking at numbers, so we have the option of creating,
for example, a vertical percentage. It is already a much more interesting analysis.
Product B is 39% of the South Region, 44% of the Southeast and 65% of the Northeast.
I can also put this data Vertically For example, product E is the 7th best of
the South Region, the 6th of the Southeast .
I then put the cold numbers vertically All this is ready, ok? What else does the
software have to offer, to be developed in real time?
The Cockpit. The Cockpit opens up the product so it can
read any base and you can assemble anything inside the Power Decision.
For example, a map Lets create a map in real time.
Lets choose a map of Brazil. The product contains geoprocessing which is
also limitless. You can add any kind of SHP map onto it.
I am going to choose a map of the MapObjects kind, a feature that can be found inside our
product How can I “highlight” the States? By units
of the federation. Now I need to make it read and highlight the
maps What am I going to do?
I am going to do it even better: not only will I read the Slice but I will read a pre-prepared
Excel spreadsheet. Here I have an Excel spreadsheet named “Brazil_Map”,
where I have all the States and its sales numbers.
And this spreadsheet is called “Plan1”, all you have to do is look below for the file's
name. I will go back to the product and attach a
2nd connection to it. That is, I don't want my connection any more.
I want an external connection. I already carried this out and now what do
I need to do? Connect the spreadsheet to the map.
So I go to my second connection, on "Plan1$", and I will capture the States from that spreadsheet.
Once I´ve captured it, all I do is load it. It´s ready! It is lighting up the regions
of the map where there have been sales. If I go real time to the spreadsheet and put
what RS State sold, when I return to the software I don´t even need do save the spreadsheet
It will already light up the RS State. This allows me to create Cockptis in real time, reading from
anywhere, from any software, any database. It can be a ODBC connection or whatever.
Now I will add a random backdrop. I will add a title to my Cockpit: “Geographical
analysis” (by State) I have then created a title for my analysis.
Now I go to Tools and add a matrix. I want this matrix to read the same data read
by the map. Then I go to the Connection 2, outside the
Slice and I load my “Plan1$” Spreadsheet, add the State and the sales numbers.
I load it and it already filled the matrix. Now I go to the numbers of this matrix and
I will create a Performance Indicator If it is a sale between 100 and 140 I want
it in yellow. Above this green and below this, red.
And I will add a graph, why not? And as I load it, the graph already interprets
the matrix and I have an assembled cockpit It's all set up, anyone can do it and it accepts
any SQL command. The advantage of allowing a cockpit with SQL
commands is that any intern or Anyone with knowledge of SQL can assemble
Cockpits within the software. Where can I get to with all this?
I exit the product and I am lodaing a Power Point.
To show what can be created in the Cockpits. Like this one you are seeing here.
I have Cockpits with gauges with images on the screen
Cockpits with maps, with indicators A cockpit with absolutely anything can be
assembled. This is a cockpit with a backdrop with drawings
on it I create an invisible key and put this drawn
backdrop on it. The users just click on the drawing and it
opens up the options. You can create cockpits with menus, with results
This type of analysis can only be drawn up through Slice Management
“Itemized Complaints” to Customer Services. Most companies have Customer Services. What
are the complaints about? I can set up HR, Climate Research, Sales mix
analysis. They can encompass any area.
We have customers who use it for the legal department, commercial, production, accounts
receivable. There are customers who have 37 Slices circulating
within the company. I will show another simple example.
For example, an example on telephone costs analysis
Instead of reading the phone bills, I ask the company for a CD
It´s the same product. I will enter the comms Slice
Now I will create a ranking for my phone bills. These are actual numbers of a company.
I will make a ranking starting 2001 This company spent 795.000 in long-distance
calls Within long-distance calls, landlines to landlines
It spent 500.000 using Special Tariffs This specific phone line spent 350.000
Where did this person call? Brazil To which state? Parana´
Within Parana´, this client discovered that the person in question spent 96.000 reais
in 5 years, calling Curitiba. But where in Curitiba? So I see that the number
(041) 3760978 was called. He spent 33.000 reais calling this phone number.
Thus, you can control absolutely any kind of data with this same software.
A software of just 4MB in size, with a new version every 15 days.
The client receives it based on Collaboration. All its features are available to the user.
This is the presentation of the product that I wanted to make.