Yuva (2004) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 15 (Last)

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I don't have a fight with you. I fight...
. against this wretched politics, and we will change that.
Lallan Singh, get ready to go to the court.
Pray that you don't get the noose.
We lost Michael. - All four of us!
All four seats, and that too with such a small margin!
So what? We will stand in the general election, next time.
Not with four, but forty seats. Nobody knew us this time.
Next time, we will go to every village...
...and tell them what we are... you are lying!
All the four seats! We won all the four seats!
We won Michael!
Come Michael.
You have come here. Let's see how long you stay here.
The Enquiry Commission Report is about to come.
Maybe you won't be able to stay here, yes?
Many people before you have come here.
To change the world.
But... some ran away and some changed themselves.