League of Legends - Draven The King

Uploaded by xChinNin on 26.07.2012

Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...
To get fed, be sure to always KS your ButtFucking Friend with a last hit and enjoy your threesome with Leona without moving from your spot.
Another threesome? No problem!
If you're being target by the enemies, try to run away from them and attack from far away, even if you have to use Flash to distance yourself from them.
Whoop that greedy Caitlyn in the back like a pussycat and catch your axes if you can to deal more damage.
When engaging the enemies, let your support target sexy Janna to make them think that you're going for her.
And instead...damage Caitlyn with Spinning Axes while catching them and whoop her off with your amazing unbelievable really short distance bowling skill.
When playing a ninja game, let them chase your ally and use your Spinning Axes-Speedy Axes-Knocking Axes combo to whoop the one doing the damage to save Nunu.
Hey, what's up dude?
You want to be my ButtFucking Friend?
Hell no! Ciaossu!
When being bot, be aware of the enemy jungler because sometimes, he could attempt a BackFucking gank here.
So do a one night stand with him and show him that he should never try to Backfuck you ever again.
With your Knocking Axes, you can kill a creep from far away, make a passage for Draven the King,
combine it with Speedy Axes to run away from a stupid cow, disrupt any casting ultimate,
kill that fuckabish that shot her ''ball'' to you, KS that sniper and get that ''baller'' while you're at it.
And to push the fake Draven to your ButtFucking Friend for a hot threesome.
But be careful...because if you don't use your Knocking Axes like a boss, you can turn a godly combo into a shitty combo.
That's right! You will free Leona from an ass whooping if you use it like a noob...
With your Spinning Axes, you can (CURSING LIKE A FAG) while catching them for some mega damage.
Don't forget : you must stay in the back in any teamfight to whoop the enemies.
It's also important to catch your Spinning Axes to deal some mega damage and finish off the enemy with your bowling skill for a nice one...
Just what the shit happened there?
(Idiot that can't say anything)
Use the bowling skill on the enemies to help your teammates finish off the enemies.
But, if they can't succeed in whooping them because of the purple healer, go there yourself and do a one night stand with her.
And block her path whenever she tries to run away from a fivesome.
Oh, hi there!
With Draven, you can show that ninjas can't hide from you.
It's even better if you team up with champions that can hit her while she's in the fart cloud like Darius and Fiddlestick.
Thanks to them, you can get the last hit, no problem!
Like I said earlier, staying in the back is the best because you can just attack anyone you want while your ButtFucking Friend tank the tower.
It's also good because you'll be able to catch your Spinning Axes without interference.
But, if the chopping master comes to hit you, Flash in the middle of the battlefield to finish off that fuckabish that you kept on poking.
Then, poke that Morgana until she stops chasing Blitz.
And while you're there, poke her, poke her, poke her and...
Oh yeah, poke her to finish her off with your bowling skill while she Flash in a predicted area.
When being with your ButtFucking Bro and a what-the-shit monster, you can kill anyone easily.
Almost dead, run to the brushes while your teammates poke him and attack him when he doesn't expect it for a second kill, no problem!
If you follow every tips on this video, you'll have no problem whooping anyone's ass like a boss.
That's it for today, people!
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