Exotic animals visit The Daily

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Exotic animals visit The Daily:
>>REPORTER: Well it’s not everyday we get a wolf in the set of The Daily studios. But
today I’m joined with wildlife expert Casey Anderson. Casey, what’s all this about?
>>CASEY ANDERSON: This is Allie, a 3-year-old gray wolf. Gray wolves are going to be one
of the stars of “Untamed Americas”. And actually what’s going to happen is the very
first image you’re going to see is a gray wolf by itself without its pack, looking for
>>REPORTER: It’s National Geographic’s new mini-series showing the grit and glory
of native wildlife.
>>CASEY ANDERSON: If you look at Allie here, she is a predator and a machine. These long
legs designed for endurance, sprinting as fast as 40 mph.
>>REPORTER: I mean I’ve never been so close to a wolf before but immediately when looking
at her she is very skinny.
>>CASEY ANDERSON: She’s not skinny. She’s in great shape. Right now she’s in her summer
coat, she’s shed off her winter fur. So she’s not very fluffy but she’s designed
like a Greyhound to sprint very fast and she can sprint for a very long time.
>>REPORTER: From the speedy, to the just plain strange. Cameras captured for the firs time
a bat with the largest tongue to body ratio in the world.
>>REPORTER: Casey then showed us another strange one. A carnivorous toad, who is a master of
>>CASEY ANTHONY: These are two marine toads, indigenous to South America. These guys are
super predators. They can eat anything that will fit in their mouth. If one of these toads
is lying in the bottom of the forest floor he would disappear.
>>CASEY ANTHONY: See what he’s doing there he’s inflating himself so he looks bigger.
And it’s a very cool way to defend themselves if something will want to eat them. These
two big things are not warts, they’re glands actually that secrete a toxic liquid and if
something comes on and bites and that toxic liquid goes in its mouth it could kill him.
If you were to lick this toad after it excreted its toxins you would be in trouble.
>>CASEY ANTHONY: I wouldn’t kiss this one on the head either.
>>REPORTER: So Casey, tell me about, you’ve got an American Alligator. And you can tell
the different between alligators and crocodiles how?
>>CASEY ANTHONY: Mostly by the shape of their head. There’s a lot of crocodilian species
that live in the Americas and this is just one of the species that we feature in “Untamed
>>REPORTER: Well how big can they get in the wild?
>>CASEY ANTHONY: Gumbo here is 7 years old but when he’s full grown he could be up
to 12 feet long.
>>REPORTER: How long is Gumbo now?
>>CASEY ANTHONY: I’d say about 3.5 feet long. But when he chomps down, 1500 pounds
of jaw pressure. To put that into perspective, when Gumbo’s an adult, if you put a bowling
ball in his mouth and he clamped down, he would shatter it.
>>REPORTER: With that pure strength, what is remarkable is what comes next. Two top
predators collide, but the outcome is not necessarily what you would expect.
Casey: It’s one of my favorite clips in “Untamed Americas” its unbelievable. You
have to watch the show to see what happens.
>>REPORTER: “Untamed Americas” airs tonight on the National Geographic Channel.