Celebrate Christmas by Rejecting Mormon Leaders Who Have Rejected the Virgin Birth

Uploaded by aaronshaf2006 on 05.12.2009

Hey guys, I'm here at Temple Square. I just did some evangelism tonight, some preaching,
some tract distribution. There's a really important issue when it comes to Christmas,
it's the virgin birth. It's a central part of the Christmas story. You know, part of
the wonder and awe of Christmas is that Jesus was born of a virgin. That it was a supernatural
conception in Mary. But unfortunately four Mormon leaders have denied the virgin birth:
Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, James Talmage, and Bruce McConkie. Bruce McConkie being the
most explicit. He taught that Jesus was conceived in just as a natural way as any other child
on earth is conceived. Now, you know, the Christmas lights here are really beautiful
guys, you know, aesthetically speaking I love what you've done, you know, I think it's beautiful
down here, but you know what? Jesus says not to judge by mere appearances but to judge
with a right judgement [John 7:24]. If you want to look underneath Christmas and its
meaning, you'll love the virgin birth so much that you'll reject all the Mormon leaders
who have rejected the virgin birth. Now, normally what people do, is they sort of, they kind
of dig their heels in and they say, well, even though they might have taught that, it
was just speculation, it doesn't really matter. What that basically is doing, what basically
has happened to you is Mormonism has made you devalue the virgin birth and to devalue
the reliability of prophets when speaking on such important matters. If you love Jesus
Christ, if you love the meaning of Christmas, then you'll love the virgin birth and you'll
take it seriously when the four Mormon leaders have rejected the virgin birth. You'll take
that seriously. If you just shrug your shoulders and say, "It doesn't matter", what does that
say about your heart? What if, what is somebody said, yeah, there's another religion where
they teach Jesus may have sinned. Surely, I expect you as a Mormon would say, well,
that's not good, that matters. Well, what if your Mormon leaders have taught that God
the Father didn't necessarily have Jesus conceived in a purely supernatural way, that it was
done in the natural, normal course of events? That's serious, guys! This is really important.
I had, I just, just really quick here, I just had a guy who, I was talking about the virgin
birth and he came up to me and said, don't disrespect this doctrine. He said he was a
descendant of James Talmage. And I asked him, "Do you believe the four gospels are compatible
with the idea that God the Father came down to have physical relations with Mary?" And
you know what he told me? He said, I don't want to talk about that because it's too sacred.
You're treating this doctrine as though it's---you can talk about it publicly but this is something
you can only talk about in a more sacred, private context. And I kept pressing him,
I said, well, can you at least tell me someway, do you believe what Brigham Young, for example,
[and] Bruce McConkie taught was true? And he basically affirmed that what they had said
about the virgin birth was more true than what the traditional Christians have said
for two thousand years. I've also had people tell me, that well, if Brigham Young taught
that, then I believe that. I've had people say, well it doesn't really matter, who cares?
Hey guys, this is Christmas! Let's... I want so badly in the decades to come for the masses
of the Mormon people to come to faith in the true Jesus Christ to reject all the prophects
who rejected the virgin birth, and I want to sing Christmas carols knowing that we share
the deepest meaning of Christmas together. OK guys? I want to celebrate Christmas with
you. I know you guys are family-oriented, you love Christmas, you guys get a Christmas
tree, you open up presents, you enjoy each other during Christmas-time. But you know
what? If you want to celebrate Christmas like true Christians then affirm the virgin birth
so you can celebrate Christmas in spirit with all the Christians around the world. Don't
give Brigham Young a free pass. Don't give James Talmage and Orson Pratt and Bruce McConkie
a free pass on this one. If you love Jesus, don't give out those free passes, OK? Love
you guys, grace and peace.