Marlene & Rebecca - Part 24-1

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Jealousy is a passion
A fabric delivery from Milan.
I have no idea.
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Excuse me..
I'll be at the firm soon and have a look at the samples.
Please inform the production manageress. Thanks.
Rebecca do you have a second?
If you're looking for Marlene, she already left.
I know, that's why I need to talk to you.
You're her best friend.
Yes, and?
.. found parts of a letter to Marlene and ..
A letter..
Yes and it began with Dearest Marlene, don't you think it's crystal clear?
I have to tell you something.
What did she tell you about Christian and her?
What? Why do you say that?
Christian wrote this letter. That's what we're talking about the whole time.
And you read it?
Just the beginning. But it's quite clear.
But, but Christian is gay. He's married to Olli.
Yes, but Marlene wouldn't be the first woman, you know.
No. Nevertheless you're completely wrong!
Rebecca, you know me, I love Marlene and..
God knows I'm no moral crusader, but..
..during these last few months we've ..
.. fought so hard for the trust between us.
I don't want everything to fall apart just because she isn't honest with me.
Now wait!
There's nothing to talk about!
= Tristan believes you're cheating on him. = Yes and most of all..
..he believes I'm LYING to him! I hope you've got what you wanted!
I just wanted...
What?! You had to write me this letter no matter what,
hand it to Christian and disclose your FEELINGS!
I... just wanted to...
Ease your conscience?
I hope you're feeling better now.
I love Tristan!
And I have to lie to him for your sake!
Do you have the faintest idea how this makes ME feel?!
I really didn't mean to get you into trouble.
You did though! And now...
Next year we won't only run in New York, but also in...
Baltimore and Kentucky. And then we'll also get us the triple crown.
What? Just be glad for now you've won the Belmont Stakes race.
=Uh! =Uhuh!
You're back! I saw the race, fantastic!
Yes. I'll tell you everything later. Now I have to see Hagen and snog my husband to the floor.
We'll see each other at the asparagus meal, right?
Oh, God! I totally forgot about it.
Uh. Fortunately Mum didn't hear it.
Uhuh. Huhuh. Bye.
You also look like you could use a training unit again, hum?
Tristan saw how you handed me Rebecca's letter and
now he thinks it's from you.
=And now I shall confirm it, or what? =No! For heavens sake, no frigging way!
He already thinks there's something going on between us.
But he does know that I'm together with Olli?
Hhh. My God!
This is getting more and more absurd.
Marlene, you have to finally tell Tristan what's going on.
I should betray Rebecca?
=Yeah, what? Want to further lie to Tristan? =Do I have a choice?!
Well, all right. Want him to find out for himself?
He should recognize his sister's handwriting.
Anyway, I will NOT rat Rebecca out to her brother!
Well, I can sympathize.
But do you really wanna keep fooling both of them?
You finally need to decide! Even though you can't please everybody.
You're packing?
Tonight you've got the bed to yourself again. I'll... stay the night at home.
I thought we'd...
talk again.
Yes... you know, tonight is our traditional asparagus meal and ... father's hollandaise sauce is truly excellent!
Besides Dana is back again.
And this traditional asparagus meal is just crossing your mind now?
Yeah no, to be honest I totally forgot about it, but... fortunately Dana just reminded me of it again.
And it seems I'm not invited.
Phh... who's labelling those family traditions always as philistine stuff.
Marlene, eventually we'll have to talk.
It's only one night, please don't make a drama out of it, ok?
You make the drama, by constantly evading a discussion.
Because this matter is settled for me, why don't you trust me?!
Because you've stopped talking to me and I want to know why!
Tristan, I really have to get going, ok? See you tomorrow. Till then, take care.
Well, someone has the same idea as me.
On such a gorgous day one should ride out.
Or book a double room de luxe for an overnight stay with breakfast with one's lover.
You've got a lover again.
Is this answering your question?
Booked for... Christian Mann.
Marlene has just took off. Allegedly she'll stay the night at her parents for an asparagus meal.
Uhh. Asparagus season, so what?
Well, if...
IF there'd be something between Christian and Marlene. Then what?
I mean, I meanwhile wouldn't tolerate something like this anymore, but...
you were always the type who could live with a side leap.
Why isn't she simply honest with me?
This booking doesn't prove anything.
Ever thought that Christian just wanted to surprise Olli?
Olli is currently in the Caribbean and is being photographed in Rebecca's bathing slips.
And if the two wanted to meet then it would surely be at home in their flat!
Other couples do also have a sense for romance.
Yeah! Olli perhaps, but sorry Christian, the nature-boy?
Uh, you snob!
And now listen up.
This thing with Marlene is something special... Your own words.
People always say this when they wear rose-tinted glasses.
Huh, can't we do anything about it?
You're already doing a lot, you just don't realize it.
Come on, due to your therapy you have much better grip by now. In the past you'ld have jumped Christian.
I feel like a blind man on a high wire, regardless.
My brother the big high flyer, ingenious with numbers, a brilliant mind.
But if it's about emotions the total analphabet.
People should stick to what they've learnt.
Well, then learn to trust Marlene. Let go! You can't control everything in your life.
And with your jealousy you don't do anybody a favour... least of all yourself.
What's actually up with your men? Are they also coming to the asparagus meal?
Yes. Emilio is really looking forward to it. He NEVER ate german asparagus before.
Uhm. No. Tristan, he still has an important appointment.
Oh, what a pity!
And how are things at LCL? Are you revolutionizing the business already?
Hehe. I'm at it. Actually I'm working for Ms. von Anstetten, but preferably I have to do with Rebecca.
Formerly we were friends and now she's my BOSS!
( doorbell ringing )
I'll go.
Do you have 5 mins perhaps?
You lost this earlier on in the street.
I... can really understand that you're cross with me.
The letter and then the whole trouble it got you with Tristan. I...
You were right. I really thought only of me and, uhm
wanted to get everything off my chest. That was really unfair.
I should've known how you'd react and that it all means nothing to you, but...
I miss you as a good friend.
Can't we just go on like we were before?
Well, before everything got so complicated.
Rebecca! Hello.
We're just preparing the asparagus. Come in and eat with us. There's enough for everyone.
Uhm. No. Rebecca still h...still has an important appointment. She just brought me something.
That's too bad. Maybe some other time?
Take care?
You too.
( Dearest Marlene )
So! Everyone come join!
=Okay? =Yes. =Yes.
Well then. Thank you!
Don't use all space in here!
I'm glad we managed to finally get us all together at one table again.
=Yes. =Big round.
So - to the family.
=To the family. =To the family.
A pity Tristan couldn't come.
Well yeah. At least we aren't identical twins!
Each of us still has their own life.
I'll fetch some water, yeah?
Someone seems stressed.
So this is the famous german asparagus?
Yes, a bit mingy, isn't it?
Well, mingy.
You're off your rocker!
In Spain the spears are twice as long and twice as thick.
= Aha. =I see.
I believe...
This is the voice mailbox of Rebecca von Lahnstein.
Please leave a message after the beep.
( beeping )
Hi.... uhm... it's me, Marlene.
( laughing )
Where are you headed at this hour?
Excuse me please. I've just gotta nip out, yeah?
But... I mean dinner is just ready!
Mum, I need to clarify something which really can't be postponed, okay?