My best gay friends {bộ ba đĩ thỏa} - S01E04

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Oh dear, you want to choose something?
I have new arrivals, you want to try?
Pants too?
How about shoes?
Are you hiring junior seller?
You come here for the job?
Salary is 2 millions VND a month.
One week try out. You want to start now?
Now, follow me.
This side is stuffs for pancake girls.
This side is for underwear.
The price tags are already there.
Just be happy and cheerful when we have customers.
Now I need you to rearrange then hang the clothes on for me.
Stay here and look after my shop. I go up stair for a soft nap.
Yes, ma’am.
Here’s the shop!
You want to buy something?
Choose whatever you want.
This shirt looks good on you.
Let me see. I will try it on.
Excuse me. Where is the changing room?
Go straight then turn right.
Oh, we have customers?
Come on, try it on. Quick please!
Customers are our first priority. Don’t make mistake.
Hey, Mom, is that you?
My sweetheart, how you doing? You still live well?
Why it takes so long for you to call me?
You have any idea how miserable I am out here?
I’m treated like a slave.
I have to do the house choirs all day long, all that things I haven’t done before.
Mom, please let me go home.
Just a little challenging and you want to give up?
We used to be thousand times more miserable than you.
Or you can ask dad to send me some money.
Basically, you should be patient.
We sort of have financial problem over here, too. I will try to ask dad to send you some money.
Stop discussing about the money.
You know why I’m calling you today?
I hear that you will meet your online boyfriend for the 1st time today, right?
Wow, how you know?
What is Facebook for?
Whatever you post on Facebook.
About your love life, I won’t forbid you, stop you.
I just afraid that they will cheat you for your money.
Oh, I forgot you don’t have any money.
Am I right, miss?
I believe that he is faithful to me.
You don’t have to worry about me.
I just say so.
I hope you will find a good guy who loves you and treats you well.
About the money, we will consider that later.
Bye dear. Muah.
Bye Mom.
You want to give me a bad name?
You are that miserable?
Well, I just tell the truth.
Oh, haven’t seen him the whole morning.
Oh, where’s the noodle delivery guy?
Shut up! Wash the dishes for me
Put those away!
Calm down, I will wash the dishes later.
Easy tiger, let me finish this first. I will meet my boyfriend for the 1st time tonight!
You are so paranoid.
Are you Que Tran’s sister?Are you Que Tran’s sister?
If you bully me one more time, I will call BB Tran for a little chat.
Alright. I will give you 10 minutes.
Where is the shop owner?
He’s with her boyfriend at the moment.
Are you the new employee?
Uh huh. May I help you two?
Your boss called me for some orders.
Your orders are over there.
Check it then then just take it away.
I’m in the middle of something here.
Ok then.
Where are those orders?
Under the pancake girls’ clothes.
How much for these?
Look at the price tag. Why you even ask?
Get your ass out of here.
Please don’t.
Let me explain.
Don’t you dare face me again. The shop will be closed soon if you still work here.
What a freaky morning.
Finally. I’m done.
Sit still!
Can we start now?
Is it hurt a lot? Easy on me, okay?
It doesn’t hurt at all. Just like a bee sting. I have that all the time.
This shirt belonged to you.
But it’s mine now. When you’re done, wash it clean for me.
Thank you.
Poor Jack and Rose. What a sad love.
I’m leaving. You two enjoy the movie. Bye.
Why we are crying like retards while he’s having fun out there?
Because this film is great.
That’s not right.
We tried so hard for the makeover even he couldn’t get any better.
At least we should see how his internet boyfriend looks like.
I’m not going anywhere.
I can’t go alone. I’m so shy. Go with me, ok?
You are spying, not dating. Why you are shy?
Go with me, we can watch this later.
Put that on and go!
Okay. It’s sad being home alone anyway. Go out for some fresh air.
I’m sure he won’t recognize us.
Sit here. Khoa is over there.
Where’s the guy?
I’m here now. Where are you?
I’m sitting on the right, next to the lobby.
I can’t believe that. Khoa has such a cute boyfriend.
I wished I could.
I see you now.
You order yet?
Not yet, I’m waiting for you.
Menu please.
One vanilla caramel.
The same for me.
I have a gift for you.
Not a big one, but I still want to give you something for our 1st meet.
You told me your parents kicked you out. So how is everything?
It’s ok. My roommates are crazy at first, but not anymore. I’m still fine.
I hope my parents will let me be home again soon. And you?
I’m fine, but my parents keep asking me about love, date thing. I think they will find out soon.
Anyway, it’s ok.
Bad ass.
So we leave now? It’s boring. They haven’t done anything.
Just wait for a little more. It isn’t less boring at home.
It’s getting late. So we go now?
They’re leaving. Quick, quick.
Khoa, I’m sorry but I must tell you the truth.
May be, we are not right for each other.
What do you mean? I don’t understand.
You are to feminist, and you look too much for me.
I’m just into cute smaller, baby look guys, not feminist.
We should stop here.
But, you told me you love me for who I really am, no matter how I look.
As long as we truly love each others.
May be that’s what I want then. But now, I realize that it’s not enough.
But please don’t be sad. We can still be friend. I still care for you as a brother.
Brother my ass.
Stop, enough.
What you two are doing here?
We just worry about you so we decide to go. I can’t believe you meet this.
Khoa, where you go? Don’t do anything stupid.
You still owe me this month rent.
Oh god, you still think about that at this moment? Follow him now.
You are so ignoble. Take this.
Take the tissue.
Thank you.
Who’s that?
A friend of mine.
Really? He’s your friend or you like him?
No, it’s not like that. We just go to the same school.
*Movie: Bride maids*
Where have you been? You know that we really worry about you?
Where did you go? We just afraid that you would do something stupid.
Don’t be sad about that. He’s not worth for you to care.
Nhật’s right. You shouldn’t.
How are you now? Feel better?
It’s fine. I’m ok.
I’m still a little sad, but it’s fine.
I’m afraid that you will get sick. Have some milk.
Why you’re so nice to me today?
I’m always nice and kind.
I see you depressed and just want to cheer you up.
Here you are.
Leave it there, I will drink that later. I have to finish this.
You can wash the dishes later. Health is more important.
Drink it now.
Give me one.
No, you shouldn’t. He’s in a bad mood.
Drink it. Good for your health.
Drink it now.
Ok, keep drinking.
Be careful of that bitch, he’s not that nice.
What you say?
You done drinking?
Look at the expiring date.
25th May 2012.
Today is International Children’s Day (1st June).
Damn you Rje.