Recipe - Wheat Flour Sweet - Khaaja Recipe With English Subtitles

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Hi! Welcome to Aha Emi Ruchi! We're in a small town in Krishna District
So, what are you going to make for us? Wheat Flour Sweet (Kaja)
Ingredients required to make Wheat Flour Sweet (Kaja)
Maida Flour, Baking Soda, Bombay Rava (Semolina), Sugar, Rice Flour, Salt, Ghee, Oil
Take 1/2 kg of maida flour in a mixing bowl
Add a little baking soda, some baking salt
Add some bombay rava as well
Add 60 gms of ghee and mix well
Add water as required to get a nice soft dough and keep aside some dry mixture as well
If the dough is too hard or too soft, the kaja will not swell enough in the hot oil. So, we need to make sure that the dough is of the right consistency.
Knead the dough and roll small balls with it
Sprinkle some flour on a flat plank and flatten the dough balls
Take a pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Add 2 tbsp of rice flour in 60 gms of liquid ghee and mix well
Smear the flat dough with the mixed ghee on one side
Now, place another flat dough over the ghee smeared dough
Apply the ghee over the 2nd flat dough
Repeat the process with another flat dough
Now, start folding the layered dough once forward and then backward, repeat the process till you get the shape of a hand fan
Fold it in such a way that the folds are stacked up on one another
Press the folded dough close together and cut it into a few pieces
Now, press the edges of the cut dough pieces to get a smooth edge
Meanwhile, take another pan and boil 750 gm of sugar in water to get a syrup
Flatten out all the cut dough pieces
What's the shelf time for these sweets? If kept in a air tight container, the sweets will last about ten days
Start deep frying the cut dough pieces till they're golden brown in color
The dough pieces are rising in the oil, they seem to show the layers clearly
Take the fried kajas in a plate/bowl
Once the sugar syrup is boiled enough, add the fried kajas into it and let them soak it in properly
Switch off the stove and remove the sugary kajas