Kicking & Screaming (6/10) Movie CLIP - Crazed Coach (2005) HD

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Hey, Phil.
l--l--l don't think that's a very good attitude.
You can't talk about hurting other players.
You don't think?
You don't-- you don't think?
l don't think you should be butting in
when l'm talking to my team.
You're my assistant, okay?
You're supposed to back me up
and go get me iuice boxes when l tell you.
Now go get me a juice box.
You know who you're talking to?
l'm talking to the juice box guy.
You're crazy!
l'm not crazy. l'm just thirsty.
Why don't you go to hell?
No, you go to hell! While you're there,
why don't you grab me a juice box!
l'm no iuice box boy, l'll tell you that!
Yes, you are! No, l'm not!
Yes, you are! No, l'm not!
Yes, you are! No, l'm not!
You're like your old man!
l'm not like my old man!
lf it weren't for these kids l would whip your butt!
l can take a punch!
l'm out of here. Bye-bye.
l'll see you,
Mr. Big Time Coach. Bye-bye!
l'm not like my old man! l'm a kind and gentle,
compassionate human being,
with a heart as big as a lion!
We'll see you later, juice box!
Everyone wave goodbye to juice box.
Literally wave. Do it!
Parents, too! Everyone waves!
[tires screeching]
Okay. Guys...
l only want winners out on the field.
(Phil) Who's a winner?
l said, ''Who's a winner?''
(boys) l am.
Everyone's hands should be up.
(all) l am.
Okay. Everyone bring it in.
Who are we?
(all) Tigers.
(all) Tigers.
All right. Let's break someone's clavicle. On three!
One, two, three. Break someone's clavicle!
Hit the field. Let's go.
Your dad's a trip, you know that?
(Phil) Move it! Move it!
Pick up that piece of trash, Tom.
Tuck in your shirt!
What are you doing? Have a sense of pride, huh?
ln fact, why don't you take a lap?
Go and run a lap! l'm timing you.
[watch ticking]
(Phil) Pick it up!
(Phil) _ere we go! BellĂ­ssĂ­mo!
Let's go!
(woman) Over here, Son. Hunter!
He's right there. He's right there.
Good. Good.
[speaking Italian]
[all exclaiming]
Yes! Hey, you iust were served a plate of humiliation.
How does that feel?
(referee) Hey! Off the field.
Off the field, Tarzan.
l'm off.
[all chattering]
Defense! Come on!
You guys know anything about defense?
Dad? Yeah?
Dad? Dad?
Not now, Sam.
Can you put me in?
Later. Later. Go grab some bench.
Come on! There we go, Gian Piero.
You look good.
Think you can mark him?
Yeah, l could take him.
J.J., Zack, everybody see what we got to do with these guys?
Four on one, three on another, right?
We have to-- We really have to smother them.
(boy) Stop them.
Yeah! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yeah! All right!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Did you iust push a kid to the ground?
He fell down! He fell down!