CGRundertow SWING SHOT for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 19.06.2012

Swing Shot is how people with speech impediments say slingshot.
It’s also a pwetty awesome iPhone game.
This thing was just released to the App Store, and it’s basically the latest spin on the
Angry Birds concept...use your finger to launch objects at cute little animals. Thing is,
Swing Shot really is a new spin on it. Actually, it spins all over the place. This game is
So basically, you control this group of animals...dangling from tree limbs with some wacky contraption
of sticks, strings and if you’re lucky, they attack another group of animals
hanging in the tree across from them. Evidently, they have beef. I’m here to squash the
making monkey meat.
Ape appetizers. Gorilla gourmet. I could go on.
Now, whereas you’re firing at mostly stationary enemies in Angry Birds, Swing Shot is altogether
different. Not only are they moving, but they’re also firing back. So you have to react, as
well...and that makes Swing Shot play more like a strategic action game than a physics-based
It works like this. You take turns throwing objects. First team to knock the other team
down wins. Easier said than done, because you’re suspended from a tree. Your team
swings all over the place. That can make aiming your projectiles very turn,
that behooves you to deal as much damage as possible to avoid taking damage.
After all, the more they’re swinging, the more they miss you.
The game really comes together thanks to its customization. You earn bananas in battle,
and you can use those to upgrade your mid-air mass of mammals. Stronger ropes, better
can even unlock different animals, each of which has an advantageous ability.
There are four worlds with 48 levels in total, as well as a few supplementary game modes.
But the real draw of Swing Shot is building your team and taking it to the tree tops.
The game plays well, it looks good, the physics are spot on...if you liked Angry Birds, you’ll
love Swing Shot.
This game is weally good.