US Doctor has LAP Band for Weight Loss,Type 2 Diabetes at Hospital Angeles with Dr Lopez Corvala

Uploaded by AngelesHealth on 01.04.2009

Well, the main reason
why I chose the Angeles hospital
is that I've been to hospitals all around the country.
I've been a doctor.
We're from Denver, Colorado.
What I find absolutely amazing with
this hospital checked thoroughly the hospital itself.
It is state of the art,
the equipment the have, there's none
finer in any hospital I've ever been inside.
The location is beautiful, the hotel is very safe, very secure.
And the cleanliness of the
hotel's just second to none,
it is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place.
The experience I've had here
from the very get-go, from the
ride coming across border to here,
was handled very professionally.
Upon your arrival you're met by
many, many people, doctors and
caretakers that are just
absolutely wanting to wait on you hand and foot.
I could not have asked for
anything, literally, more professional
than what they had here, from the
very first step out of
the van, in the hospital
to right now after surgery is
been the most professional spot,
most professional organization, most professional
hospital I've ever had the pleasure of being in.
And I am a patient as well.
I would just say if anyone is
out there contemplating the LAP
band procedure surgery, contemplate Hospital
Angeles, because it is
absolutely superior in any
other form of application as
far as surgery, the comfort
levels before, comfort levels after,
the explanations of everything you
expect to have done, what you
can eat, what you can't eat, what's
performed by backup, what performance
- what's gonna happen before
you go in the hospital, during the
surgery, was just absolutely great. Wake up after
surgery was wonderful. The
care taking throughout the entire evening
after you are here and
right now, it is little less
than 24 hours that I've had my surgery
and I feel absolutely marvelous.
I'm just kind of
showing off my little battle wounds,
but it is an unbelievable experience
that I'm this comfortable.
I was nervous, I was scared.
Don't be.