How to Cook Indian Paratha Stuffed Breads : Cook Potato Parantha Bread

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.01.2008

SHIVANI SINGHVI: I'm Shivani, on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we're going
to see how to make Potato Parathas. Let's begin. We start of with mashing the boiled
potatoes. Now, we sprinkled some coriander leaves, some onions, some carrom powder, some
cumin seeds, dry mango powder, some dry coriander powder, dry red chilli powder, a pinch of salt for taste. We mix all the
ingredients, nicely into the mashed potatoes, there you go. It's all mixed properly. Now,
we take some wheat flour, it's nicely kneaded. Put some dry wheat flour on it, start rolling
it. Take the mixture, lay it on the rolled wheat flour, lay it nicely, close it neatly,
put some dry wheat flour again. Again, roll it with the rolling pin, nicely and neatly.
Let it spread out nicely and now, put it in a nice hot pan, with a drop of oil. Use a
cooking spoon, change the side of the paratha. You keep roasting the paratha, turns nice,
brown and red, and once it's ready, put a drop of butter on top of it, and this is how
it's going to look. Hmmm and doesn't that look yummy?