How to Use Photoshop Express : Color Correction In Photoshop Express

Uploaded by expertvillage on 15.08.2008

Photoshop Express is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated, and I'm in
no way affiliated with Adobe Systems Incorporated. In this lesson, I'm going to teach you about
some of the color correction tools available to you in the editing suite. I'm going to
go ahead and select this photo right here and go into my editing view. And from here
you can use - there's a few different tools - if you click on the Auto Correct, that's
going to automatically try and fix all the color problems I have. I've got a couple of
options up here at the top that I can choose from. You can hold your mouse over the top
of these, I'm just going to give you a preview, and in most cases the first one's going to
be the best one. But, you can play around with that. Below Auto Correct you've got your
exposure, and you can come in and like Auto Correct you can click on different thumbnails
and see how that looks, but you've also got a slider below, so you've got your different
degrees that you can slide that to. You've also got your Red Eye Removal if you want
to remove red eye you can just click and it's going to try and correct that for you. I'm
going to click on Saturation, you can change the saturation, which is the amount of color.
Over here to the right that's going to add a lot of color. If I take that down to the
left, that's going to take out most of the color, and if I un-check Preserve Skin tone,
that's going to take out my color altogether so I've got black and white. I'm going to
go ahead and un-check these. You've also got your White Balance, which works kind of like
Auto Correct, you've got your different settings here. And if you hold your mouse over the
top of it it's just going to tell you what the specific setting is good for, this one
is good for correcting fluorescent lighting, this one's for shady conditions, and so on.
Also, you can adjust your highlights, and you've got your slider here as well, and you
can adjust the Fill Light to make it simulate a light for you here. So, you've got quite
a few different tools at your disposal to correct color, but that's the basics of correcting
color in Photoshop Express.