How God? Part 1of 3 by Pastor Shawn Boone 1-16-2011

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>>Pastor Shawn: You all watch this.
>>Video: [phone ringing] I really want to answer this call.
[sigh] After that make a few texts.
Update my facebook status. Tweet about it. Shop for a deal on a new laptop.
Write on my blog about the experience of shopping for a new laptop.
Tweet about blogging about the experience of shopping for a new laptop.
Even though my brain and flesh are demanding that I play with this thing.
[sigh] Iím not.
Not because itís bad. Not because I cant live without it
but Iím stepping back from this beautiful piece of technology.
Iím taking the time I would have spent on that and spending it on my relationship with Christ instead.
Yes Iím talking about fasting. And I know what you are thinking.
Why did you have to go there. Isnít that a bit extreme. And I get it I really do.
But truth be told. If it was so important to Jesus. Itís got to be important to us.
I mean the dude didnít just fast.
He went into the desert, and slept with coyotes, and snakes and didnít eat anything for 40 days.
[laugh] I get agitated when my pillow gets lumpy.
Can I just confess something to you.
[sigh] I am all about me and I hate that.
[sigh] I want. I want to be all about Him.
I want His will for my life.
If that means giving up a phone, or a few meals, some tv in order to get closer to God of the universe.
Who daily showers me with grace and love and hold me in His hands
[laugh] What a small price to pay Iím ready to take the focus off of me.
>>Pastor Shawn: Isnít that good. Amen I seen that it really touched me because it is absolutely right.
Its just a small price
You know this week as we finished our first week of fasting
the Lord revealed something to me I was reading a blog from Jentezen Franklin
and I donít know if you are aware of this but I encourage you to go onto his website
he has whatís called a daily I think its called tutorial or journaling videos
and they are real encouraging heís over in Israel right now which is kind of special
because heís been in the place Jesus walked thru where he fasted
On day 4 or 5 he was standing in a place in the desert and he said something you know Iíve fasted many times
but he said Iím in my house I can probably tell you Jentezen Franklin has a pretty nice house
Iím in the comfort of my bedroom I got air conditioning you know Iíve got pillows like this guy said.
I get aggravated, How many are you like me and get aggravated if your pillow is not right?
I know I do. I already snatched Taraís and pick the one that is best for me
get my little throw pillows but under my one arm. You know.
But here is Jesus in the desert and so tonight I really felt lead to continue talking about
I think its really appropriate with us fasting
I donít know about you church but Iíve had some really amazing things happen just in this last week
as I draw near to God.
You know the scripture says that when we draw near to Him He draws near to us.
And so the subject tonight is How God?
And if you are like me you have asked this question this week
How God? How am I ever going to finish this fast? Is anybody with me?
How God? Some of you may not be struggling like I been.
Me and my wife have had some rough times over the last week
and Iíve found myself asking How God?
How am I going to finish this fast God because what I really want to do is draw closer to you
thatís really all I want to do I mean I have made a big list in what I am believing for
and I hope that many of you are doing the same because as I get into my message tonight
itís important that we focus on what we are believing God for in this fast
but in the end of the day this is really what it boils down to I want to know Him
That was a good place for an amen. >>Crowd: Amen.
>> Pastor: I want to know Him I want to know Him >>Bob:Amen >>Pastor: Thank you Bob
I want to know him. So I found this passage of scripture and this is really going to shock most of you
because we never really hear this if you want to turn there you can
but for the sake of time Iím not really going to read it but itís in Luke chapter 1
and really its only ever preached or talked about during the Christmas story
Many of you know Luke is such a detailed writer. Heís a physician. So he is smarter then me
and he talks about things in detail.
But itís really an amazing passage because I think it really answers the question of thatís how
Does anybody hear me?
Thatís how we are going to make it in this fast and so here is whatís going on
let me set it up for you Mary has just encountered the angel of the Lord heís come behold
Iím going to bring you this news he tells her that she is highly favored
and that this miracle is about to take place with her and that she is going to conceive a son
His name is going to be Jesus. Anybody heard this story?
and Mary is kind of sheís tripping man like why me? Who am I?
And he said you found favor with the Lord and sheís trying to figure all this out
cause heís tell her that her son is going to be on the throne of David
and His kingdom will never have no end. Anybody hear me?
And she is just blown away by why me and the answer we are looking for is found in versus 35
and the angel of the Lord came to her and said the Holy spirit will come upon you
and he give you power it will give you power of the highest it will overshadow you
This is what the angel of the Lord told you it is not in your goodness, its not in what you are able to do
or what you are not able to do. Does anybody hear me?
And so when we are going through this fast many of us are trying to do this in the flesh
flesh we are saying How are we going to be able to do this. Well Iím going to tell you tonight
that it is only through the power of the Holy spirit. Anybody hearing me?
See weíve got a greater covenant and we have a greater desire
because we have the indwelling of the Holy Ghost.
See Mary and the old testament saints the power of the Holy spirit would come upon you
like the scriptures says overshadow you for a season of time but yet it would leave
See our ability to complete this fast doesnít come from us I want you to get this
it doesnít come from our strong desire or our strong will see many of us
and I know Iíve been guilty this week of trying to do it in the flesh. Is anybody with me?
Your just sitting there your fighting the flesh and youíre trying to overcome this in the flesh.
See it only comes from when we rely on the Holy Spirit.
When we really get to the place where we say God Iím not capable, Iím not able but with you I can do it.
See thats what it really always amounts to whenever you are trying to overcome an addiction
or your struggling with something whether it be drugs or alcohol or anything like that.
You can never win the battle in the flesh. Never, you canít do it. I tried.
I have mustered up all the will power I could muster up to get off of drugs
when I was living in the world. Man you think I wanted to be that way
No man there were many nights I laid in bed crying God Why? Why am I this way? Why do I have these thoughts?
Why do I feel like that Iím a prisoner in my own mind, I canít control myself and I got to do this no matter what?
See thatís what happens when we try to do this fast in the flesh. When we are trying to do it with our abilities.
Is anybody hearing me?
When we are just trying to say no to food in our own strength and that pot roast is over there looking good
when youíre at the grocery store. Tara said when she went to the grocery store it was hard
cause you know your walking around there and all you see is food come on, amen.
I donít know about you but I likes to eat. I love to eat. Itís been one of the strongest things for me
but as I begin to study for this message I believe that God has given me a word for the church and its for myself
because I want you to know something whenever the Lord gives me a message
Iím telling you Iím dealing with it. Amen I donít want to preach this
and make myself sound like I got this all Iím going through it thatís why I think the Lord gave it to me