geet 3 may part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

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ill tell you one thing. you have to do this job, if you dont do it..then ill tell beeji about last night.
then you will be leaving here with your things in a day!
what about last night?
we told you not to go in geets room. when you went last night you left this as a proof.
you are going to get me killed bro!
did you go there or not?
no..i went
so then this work is the consequence for doing that.
if you want me ill tell beeji...
dont tell beeji ill do it.
come mama ji.
jeejaji all of this should be done in an half an hour. go get them!! ok
who is it?
who is this maan sing khurana? im balwant sing. the balwant sing that is having an affair with geet.
driver balwant sing!if its like that then talk slowly. if someone comes we'll get busted.MOVE!
what are you doing here?
i was thirsty so i came to drink water. my neck is a water cooler right? move. the fridge is there. theres cold water there. get it from there.
no geet i dont want water. im only going to drink the lassi you make with your hands.
lachi is making the lassi not me.
i want the lassi you make with your hands not lachi's.
oh hello! you are talking back to your madam? arent you ashamed? YOU DRIVER!!
oye..what are you doing here? i told you not to touch the fridge right?
yes..lachi..i asked geet maam. ask her.
hes saying geets name as if hes a big man. one day ill get an opprtunity and ill get him beat up by tej so badly that hell forget the way to the kitchen.
give it to me ill make it.
i mean ill make it.
why sister? you dont like the lassi i make?
no lachi nothing like that. i just felt like it so i said that im making it. ok? you go.
ok but everyone is sitting in the backyard. i have to make for everyone.
ill make it for everyone. you go.
ill cut the vegetables.
no...uh..look ill do all the work in the kitchen.
if you do all the work in the kitchen then what will i do?
yes..if i do all the work in the kitchen then what will you do?
you go..clean my room!go!
i cleaned the room in the morning
look its the time to cut the wheat thats why theres alot of dust in the room. you go and check it. go lachi!
happy? you must be very happy now. for your one glass of lassi i have to make lassi for the entire family. but why do you care? you only care about your lassi right?
if you make the lassi in such a salty mood then the lassi will come out very good. but geet..
put less salt or else it will become poison.geet im also ready to die to die if..
shut up maan! you say anything!
geet i was just trying to express my feelings like a poet.
you think you are turum khan? god knows what you are saying using poetry.
look! you want lassi right so stand there quietly. if you say even one word then i wont make lassi for you. QUIET!
taste it and tell me how it is.
geet..theres less sugar.
less sugar? ill put some sugar in it.
why are you putting sugar? i meant to say that if you put it to your lips itll become sweet itself.
oh hello! you never drink sweet things. you drink that disgusting black coffee that too so tasteless!
that was maan sing khurana. balwant sing only drinks lassi.
now try it.
now its as sweet as my sweetheart.
now go! go!
one minute. youll see my body!
i dont understand one thing..why are all these body making tools made of metal? who does it with all that heavy tools?
today jeejaji is in trouble. the job that tej has given him..neither can he or his angels finish it in one night
balwant sing! what are you doing here? why are you looking so angry man?
ok..your hyped up after seeing my biceps right?
no no i was just exercising like that. you get upset just like that...
look..its already night and no work has been done as yet.
you have to clean up the entire place. if you work so slowly nothing is going to get done.
do one thing. you make a list of where to put certain things..which thing..
which thing..
you are understanding what im trying to tell you right?
the function tomorrow is very big. beeji takes karva chot very seriously. all the people from the village will come. its the matter of our beeji's respect.
itll be better if you work faster.
you are helping me..
just stand here and keep on talking and my work will be done.
dont worry dev. will all this finish?
you sit?
how will you do all of this by yourself? ill help you.
dont worry. the work will be done.