CGRundertow JELLYFLUG for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 02.07.2012

Mario has been stepping on turtles and mushrooms for, like, 30 years. I mean, think about that.
The slime, the goo, the bacteria. Can you imagine all the crazy sh*t that’s growing
on the bottom of his shoes? It’s probably like a platforming petri dish down there...and
for a glimpse of what such a thing might look like, I present this.
The coolest freaking science experiment in the App Store.
Jellyflug is kind of a weird thing to talk about. It’s beautiful and creative...and
gross and...disgusting. It’s a blend of classic platforming, complex levels and gorgeous
art. And microbes. And germs. And...ugh, it’s the kind of game that makes you shout in delight
and disgust. And I mean that as the utmost compliment, because this is a fantastic little
You play as Grash, a nasty little microbe who is trying to make his way back to the
bathroom. Of course, that’s easier said than done when you’re a microorganism. The
path is infected with pathogens—not to mention cleaning products—hellbent on your elimination.
If it all wasn’t so damn appealing, I’d throw up everywhere.
The coolest thing about Jellyflug, hands down, is the concept. The game world has a very
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids feel...only even smaller. Because all its massive levels and
alien-looking environments are actually, like, the floor. Mop water is like a vicious ocean.
Common household bacteria are these hideous monsters. And you’re just a homesick microbe
trying to get to the bathroom.
That’s where the good stuff is. I don’t want to talk about it.
These worlds are brought to life with a killer art style. There’s this surreal quality
to everything that brings to mind some of the best animated series of the mid-nineties.
Fans of Rocko’s Modern Life and Ahh! Real Monsters are going to love these little germs
and...ugh, whatever those things are.
So Jellyflug looks incredible, but if I had to nitpick, I’d say the gameplay isn’t
quite as incredible. Now, the levels are great, there’s no problem with the design...but
the touch controls just aren’t ideal for this kind of platforming. There’s a little
clunkiness inherent with touch screen buttons that inhibits your platforming a great deal.
It’s a lot slower, even more difficult to do things that would be an afterthought with
a d-pad.
Still, everything else is just golden. There are tons of different characters, more than
a dozen bizarre environments and it seems like each one you encounter is cooler than
the last. Jellyflug doesn’t have quite the polish you’d expect from platforming greats,
but for its style and creative spirit, Jellyflug is definitely a winner in the App Store.
You might even say it’s infectious.