Healthy Groceries for a Raw Food Diet : Celery & Leeks for Raw Food Diets

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi! My name is Denise Bennett and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. This is beautiful.
This is rainbow chard. See the different colors in here. Again, very healthy for you. Just
keep working at it. I think the advice I will give you is keep trying. Keep trying until
you find a recipe that you like because the health benefits are there. We have some celery
here. I love to recommend celery for cleansing and for taste. If you come up with a nice
dip, you want to use this to dip it into instead of chips. This is nice actually. It could
be a little bit firmer, but it's actually completely useable. It's nice. Nice color.
You're looking for damage or bruised spots, or it's just completely dead. When you pull
these apart they just break, or they're completely limp. If this is dead, it would just go like
this as you pull it. I've unfortunately, bought celery at other places and it does exactly
that and I've thrown out the whole thing. This is nice. As I said, it's probably maybe
ripped maybe a week ago. I don't know. I can't say for sure. It could be a touch more firm.
This is a leek. I'm new to leeks. I don't know much about them. There was a soup that
I thought was amazing and it was made with leek. It's kind of like a large green onion.
It's got a nice flavor. I'm assuming it would probably have the same health benefits as
an onion, which I think would be anti-fungal. There are some people that say that onions
aren't good for you. You just need to make that decision yourself and get to a place
where your body is talking to you. It tries to talk to us all the time, but we usually
ignore it. The more foods that we eat that are overly processed, too salty, creams, dairy,
sugars, then are bodies just says you're not listening so I'm not going to talk anymore.
When you get clean, your body will talk to you more and more. When you have maybe a food
all by itself, which is called a mono diet. That's very intelligent to do that, especially
if you have a lot of allergies. Stick with one thing. I have melon or grapes. If it's
a food like maybe soy, which a lot of people have problems with soy, corn, or wheat. I
have problems with all those. I will have one food and see what your body doesn’t.
That's a really good way to test how you react to things. If you want to test too if you're
doing well with dairy or meat, same idea. Go ahead and have that food all by itself.
It's really smart to do that. Of course in the restaurants, a burger you're adding dairy,
meat, bread, and all the rest of it because you're going to have some ice cream or some
dessert afterward. It's too hard to tell. You have that stomachache afterward and you
want to know what you're reacting to. From me personally, I can't do dairy. Most people
are lactose intolerant. Meat does not process well in humans in my opinion. If you do a
little bit of studying, you can see how long our digestive track is. It just stays in the
body for so long. When you put something in the body that takes a long time to process,
such as meat, and you put it in there with fruit, which takes half and hour. 6, 10, or
14 hours versus half and hour, of course everything is going to become rancid.