Re: What girls don't understand about boys

Uploaded by MrGoodman333 on 01.03.2012

-OK this is going to be a video response to Jenna Marbles video.
Well, first of all,
Let's see.
Watching a movie 800 times isn't actually that bad.
Seeing a movie 100 times is actually pretty cool.
I like watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 800 times.
You don't because they're little squeaky voices, O.K.
Yeah - that's number one.
Number two -
Partying - that's what guys do.
We like to party.
And watch "Top Gun".
Yeah, we like watching that too.
It's the greatest show in history!
And when there's a new show on, ...
... Yes - I do want to watch it.
No, I don't want to watch it.
I do!
Now get your ass out of here!
I'm watching this!
Go upstairs, or somthing.
Smelling farts I'm pretty sure are not allowed men to do that.
[On TV] I'm dressed for success.
First of all - I don't even do that.
I mean, why would he do that?
Or him? Or her?
Wait, what?
[on TV] yeah, who's going to come to your ship?
And once we get out of the shower, ...
... and we need a towel on the waist,
I'm pretty sure that that's what you do, too.
Leaving the towel on your waist, ...
... that's what we do.
But for hours and hours, no.
You're supposed to leave it on for like, 30 minutes.
Okay, ...
And after we take a shit, ...
... we don't leave the fan on for two days.
... we don't leave the fan on for two days.
... we don't leave the fan on for two days.
I mean it was funny how she was like,...
"Hey, what's that noise over there?"
"Oh yeah, you left the fan on."
That was funny, but, --- O.K., But, ...
... we don't usually leave the fan on for two days.
And shaving in the sink, ...
I don't know anyone ---
Well, a lot of people do that.
But usually, if you are a good man, ...
You'll clean it up, OK?
And all you [pause] gay men over their, ...
You don't even shave.
And the microwave stuff, ...
Everyone knows how much to put stuff in the microwave for.
Everyone knows how much to put stuff in the microwave for.
And if you ask your girlfriend, wife, ...
... daughter, ...
"How much to put this in the microwave?", ...
Just plain out retarded. It's just [pause] plain out retarded.
But other stuff, ...
I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to put something in the microwave for how long.
And now to the air conditioning.
You know,
We probably put the air conditioning on [pause] ...
... because were cold.
And since your cold too,
I mean, since were warm,
And if you're cold, go get a blanket.
I'm not going to pick,---
What's that word I'm trying to say!?!
I'm not dealing with your crap, OK?!
Go get a blanket!
Sleep sweating-
I have not met one man in my life ...
That sleeps [pause] and sweats at the same time.
I don't even understand that part, but ...
Now the peanut butter thing.
Peanut butter in the fridge is ...
O.K., she's was right about that one.
You guys you keep the peanut butter in the fridge, ...
... don't do that ever again!
It's not right.
No - it's not right at all!
OK, that's it for today, ...
... but since I'm an 11 year old, ...
... And you probably don't take stuff from me, ...
You're like "He's only 11. No one talk to him, and no one watch his videos."
While actually, I know stuff, OK?
I have a D in science.
No, I'm kidding.
But, I have like a B.
But really, ...
See, ...
That's why [pause] ...
You better not do that Jenna Marbles, ...
You better not do that Jenna Marbles, ...
Because you know those boys right there will come and ...
... rob your house and your dog.
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Alright. See you.
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