Bill Clinton talks about the YouTube Nonprofit Program

Uploaded by YouTube on 28.09.2007

>>Bill Clinton: Now, I'd like to ask Steven Chen, the co-founder of YouTube, and Chad
Hurley, to come forward. This involves, this project involves YouTube
and Google. Right?
Larry Page is here. You want to come up? Come on up.
>>Bill Clinton: I want you up here because I want people to see the person responsible
for the internet taking over their lives.
Bill Clinton: Thank you. This is a commitment to a YouTube non profit
program to enable organizations to broadcast their cause to a global audience.
It's an in kind donation worth about 20 million dollars.
YouTube is the world's largest online video community.
They've been very good to us here at CGI. I will explain that later.
They're creating a special section dedicated to nonprofits, to provide nonprofits an opportunity
for nonprofits to increase branding and presence online, including a new fundraising feature,
again to empower small donors. Visitors to YouTube's homepage will also be
directed to the nonprofit channels. And I encourage all of you. You can go to and explore it for yourself.
By the end of 2008, listen to this, they hope to reach 1 billion playbacks.
YouTube has over 30 million visitors a day, over 100 million videos reviewed each day.
And while some larger charities get already 10 to 15% of their donations online, smaller
foundations have had trouble establishing an online presence.
I said earlier in the education area, America alone has an enormous number of smaller foundations
devoted to education. I wrote about some of them in my book.
But that will be a drop in the bucket compared to what YouTube will be able to do for them.
And all of a sudden, all these smaller efforts which will document on YouTube the results
they're getting so that people who have money can actually see.
"Well if I put money into this, I will have an absolute certainty that I will get this
return." This is an enormous, enormous service.
These little foundations doing big work could never have reached people without this gift
and we thank them very much for this.