Refrigerator Repair - Replacing the Door Closing Cam (GE Part# WR2X4901)

Uploaded by partselect on 08.02.2011

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we are going to show you how to change the
door closing cam on your refrigerator. Its really easy job, all we are going to need
is a 5/16th nut driver and Philips screw driver. Let me show you how it’s done. In preparation
for this repair there are two things we want to do, first of all we will empty the shelves
on the door, because we are going to end up removing this door to do the repair, and secondly
we will turn the refrigerator off, so that we don’t have fans running while the door
is off. Next we need to remove the cover for the top hinge, it’s a one Philips screw
holding that in place. Next we will remove the two 5/16th hex head screws that hold the
top hinge in place.
Next we will lift the door off and put it on a suitable work surface, so that we can
change the cam on the bottom. Now with the door on a solid work surface, our next step
will be to remove the screw that holds the cam to the bottom of the door. But first thing
we will do is we will loosen the center screw of the door stop, and will remove the screw
that is closest to the corner, pivot the door stop out of the way and remove the bottom
door closing cam. You should supply the new one into place. Reinsert the 5/16th hex head
screw. Before we tighten it we’ll want to make sure that it aligns up perfectly with
the recessed hole in the bottom of the door and tighten those two screws. Now we are ready
to reinstall the door. Now that we’ve replaced the parts, we are ready to reinstall the door
on the refrigerator. Set the door on the lower hinge pin; rotate it into place at the gasket
hole right there. Set the top hinge into the door, locate the holes for the two 5/16 hex
head screws. And start those by hand; we won’t tighten these up completely until we check
the alignment of the door.
Make sure the gap is even top to bottom between the freezer and fresh food door and leveled
across the top. Now that we have an even spacing from all the side, tighten those two screws
up firmly, we are ready to reinstall the hinge cover. Check the operation of the door and
our repair is complete. And that’s how easy it was to change the door close cam on your
refrigerator. Thanks for watching, good luck with your repair.