The Controller - Battlefield 3 - Episode 6 "Wired"

Uploaded by gamespot on 25.11.2011

I got a good night's sleep and I'm feeling ready to go, and as for today I think me and
Proofy are going to do pretty good.
What are we doing today you think?
Let's just hope it's not too crazy.
Right now my biggest competition is the Blue team with Proofy and Alex, because, um...
you know, they, um...
we're not worried about it.
I do feel that me and Mrs. Violence do have a good chemistry.
You're shooting at a, a...
C'mon man, tell me left or right!
We just match really well.
Sev, all he does is mess up.
He's right in front you.
That should've been an easy kill, man.
So even without the help of my partner I'm ready to slap some faces in because that's
all I know how to do.
I don't know if it's raining in Battlefield or not, but it's been pretty sunny and hot
and now it's cold and freezing and wet.
This rain just makes the situation on the mud slippery.
It kinda sucks.
Welcome to your next challenge on the Controller: Battlefield 3.
Today's challenge is going to be the bomb.
A little game I like to call Wired.
Here's how it's going to go down. You guys need to locate a bomb and disarm it before
it blows you out of the competition.
On my signal teams are going to huck down this hill into the village below and find
their team color-coded wire. Once you find the wire follow it throughout the village
until it ends in an armed bomb. On that bomb there will be additional instructions on how
to disarm the device. The team that disarms the bomb in the fastest time wins today's
challenge. Are you guys ready?
Alright let's go, Red Team you're up first.
Red Team ready?
Dark Blue Team ready?
Keep going Sev, you got this!
Light Blue Team ready?
Right here, right here.
Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow.
Here it is, here it is, here it is.
Dark blue, over here.
Right here, this is dark blue.
No it's not.
See the cord?
Go, go.
Go under, go under, come on.
Wrapped up on my leg.
Come on, come on.
Sit tight.
Here it is, here it is, here it is.
Right here.
In order to disarm the bomb you must find your team's colored tiles somewhere within
town. Each tile will have a number on the top and a number on the bottom. The top number
corresponds to the position in the combination and the bottom number should be input in to
the combination.
What does it say?
Got to find tiles.
See any? See any tiles?
...and the bottom number should be input in to the combination.
That doesn't make sense.
They're not inside. Alright go that way then.
See any?
No, I don't see any.
The top number corresponds...
...with the position...
You find it?
I see one.
Was it hidden at all?
Yeah it was hidden.
Each tile will have a number on top of...
We have to find a tile.
Now I get it.
Split up, split up!
Red tile, red tile!
Found one. Three and two.
I'm going to check back down here.
Right here, right here, right here.
Which side are you looking on?
I'm looking at both.
Check the right side.
I got another one, found another one.
I got one Alex.
You find anymore?
One more!
Got it.
You search down there, it might be at the beginning.
Got it, got it, got it.
Let's go, let's go.
I got it!
Come on, hurry up. Sprint, sprint, sprint!
What's yours, what's yours?
Two six...
Ok, it's either going to start with a one or a three.
OK, two six. Do the right one.
Come on, start helping me solve. The top number corresponds with the position in the combination.
So seven...
Second one is a six.
Last one is two.
Seven six two, seven six two. Seven six two? Yeah.
Got it.
I got this one.
It's open, it's open.
Come on baby.
Go, go.
Hit it.
Press the...
I say we did a good job.
That was in ten minutes.
Wired is complete, well done you guys, nice hustle.
You guys were charging down that hill, you scared me.
Sev, you ok?
Falling on my freaking face,
Alright, here are the results. In last place...
Team Dark Blue.
Huh, cool.
It is what it is, those tiles were really hard to find, and he fell, it was a bad entry.
It's hard when you're injured, for sure.
Rolling in to second place, Red Team. T-squared, Edgar, good job.
Finding the wire in this condition, it was kind of hard to find it, but once we did find
it it was actually pretty easy.
The top number corresponds...
This is hard to me.
...with the position...
What the... the combination.
That doesn't make any sense.
No, no, no, it was hard.
That of course leaves the winners of Wired today, the Light Blue team, for the second
day in a row, good job.
Alright, Light Blue team for winning today's challenge you guys get exclusive access to
the AMD war room, where high performance AMD gaming hardware gives you the ultimate Battlefield
3 experience.
Alright, today is not an elimination day, so none of you are going home.
There will be a money round, however, the third place team from today's challenge will
have to sit on the sidelines. Sorry Dark Blue.
It sucks not having to compete in the money round. I mean, we'd like to go for the two
Alright, so. Light Blue team, you guys head on over to the AMD war room, we'll meet everyone
else in the Battlezone.
Alright, let me give you a few little tips here. Based on the maps or the classes, determines
whether or not you want to use the long-range shot, or engineer for example would be like,
most close-quarter combat since they have to go in and get things done.
And then you have the assault classes where they're just the gunners, and the marksmen,
they're the snipers, they want to sit back and snipe.
So if you're trying to get the most kills, which one would you be.
You nervous going in to this round?
Not nervous?
I just got to try and you know...
I'd do the Edgar.
...shoot as much as I can.
I'm pretty stoked to win this.
Yeah man, I want to win this so bad. Bling bling, new shoes, new kicks, whatever.
Alright everybody, welcome to another Battlezone, yee-haw.
Last time we were in here, Ayiiia got taken out by Edgar and was sent home.
He's right in front of you. Yeah, let's go!
Take your time.
Game over.
So pissed.
Tough for the Purple Team. But this time around, no one is going home. This is not an elimination
day. In fact, one lucky team is going to walk out of here with two thousand bucks, because
it's the money round.
Cold hard cash.
Alright, Dark Blue team, you guys are on the sideline because you lost the physical challenge
today. So it's going to be the Light Blue team against the Red team. We're going to
play Team Deathmatch, where the most kills wins, on Battlefield 3. You guys ready?
Let's spawn.
Alright, Red team ready?
Blue team ready?
Get out of there.
You got to find people, keep going, keep going, keep going, where they at, where they at,
get out of this area, get out of this area, stop, you're just circling now.
Well fine, that's where you're telling me to go.
Yeah, I know, just go somewhere else.
To your right, right there, right in front of you, to your left. Take your time, take
your time. To your left a little bit.
Where you getting shot from?
To your left, right there.
From behind, you're getting hit from behind. Turn around, and take a left.
Right there in front of you. To your left. He's right in front of you. Laying down right
in front of you.
Oh, he just got Alex.
That was Edgar that just killed you.
Push, push, charge, charge.
Turn around, turn around, look through the window. Right there, right in front of you.
Take him down, take your time, take your time.
Take your time.
Let's go! Reload, reload, reload!
Take your time, take your time, move it slow.
They're all right there, get him, get him. That's Alex! Kill him! That's Alex!
I don't have any bullets!
Go knife him!
Whoa, what the hell did I just do?
You just got assassinated. It's fine. Don't worry about it.
Right there, to your left.
See those guys? That's an enemy, that's an enemy.
Nice shot, keep going.
Alex is on the board.
Get that guy, get that guy right there.
Right there, that's Alex.
Oh my god, tank! Holy tank-tastic!
Don't aim, don't aim, just shoot at him. Nice.
Nice, Alex.
Get in the game, get your head in the game, you're faster than this.
Right there, right there, shoot that guy. Take your time. Take your time.
Behind you, behind you.
Waste him Edgar, come on.
Aim in, take your time.
Let's go!
Teams, put your controllers down, line it up!
Alright, that concludes the money round in the Battlezone on the Controller, way to go
By a score of nine kills to two...
The Red Team, you guys owned the Light Blue team.
Congratulations, well done.
Good job guys.
Alright Red Team, you guys won some cash, a thousand bucks each, come on up and get
your checks.
Man, they kicked our ass. But, it sucked, tomorrow's a new day. Who knows what tomorrow
will bring.
I'm racking up the stack.
Racking up the dough.
Losing the physical challenge today, we were bummed because we don't like to lose. I'm
so competitive, I throw my heart out for everything but we win when it counts.
How do you think his improvement has been T-squared?
I'm super proud of Edgar, it's so cool to see someone who's never played the game before
to go in and get nine kills and only nine deaths. That was a sick score.
T-squared has a great communication with Edgar right now they're definitely a solid squad.
Edgar really listens to Tom, he really focuses as well.
We're taking the grand prize. The best gamer from the noobies, the most fit from the pros,
the dream team.