Jenna Busch Extended Interview from Small World TableTop Episode 1

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 2, 2012


JENNA BUSCH: I'm Jenna Busch, and I am an online blogger.
I write for about 20 sites.
And I do on-camera interviews, interview celebrities and
cover comic books, video games, TV, and film.

I have been a geek since I was a little, little kid.
I remember the first fantasy novel I got was Anne
McCaffrey's Dragonsong.
And she passed away recently, and I blogged about it.
Because it was probably the most
influential thing in my life.
Got into dragons very early, and from there it was a very
simple step to get into video games and comic books.
I started with--
really, please don't do the math--
the Atari.
I started with Pac-Man.
That was my first game.
And also there were a lot of boys in my neighborhood, so I
spent a lot of time playing video games with them and
playing Dungeons & Dragons.
I just remember thinking, oh, my god, elves and--
I can play as these characters?
None of the board games I played with my family had
anything to do with this.
It was Monopoly.
It was Chutes and Ladders.
It was Candy Land.
Candy Land.
Stupid games.
Well, not stupid games.
Not really my thing.
And this just opened up a whole world to me.
It felt like the books I was reading I could actually
recreate and feel like I was actually living them.
There's something that I think, as much as I love video
games, there is something about playing around table,
where you can actually see people's faces, that you just
don't get with video games.
Gaming is a way to put yourself in a world, take
stories that you've heard, and actually feel like you're
living them.