Subtitled Grange Hill Episode 10.16 Part 2 of 2

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Come in
It's for the School Council, Miss
Thank you
I'll get it photocopied so we can look at it
before the meeting
I'm sure we don't need to read it
I can imagine what it says
"Change Everything"
And I can imagine the spelling
The spelling is excellent
I gather Miss Partridge typed it
Look, I don't see that I's got to come at all
To post letters
But you's two can do that
Don't try and get out of it
Slow down... wait.. hang on
Griffiths has gone to phone the vet
He said to put this over her
She any better?
No I think she's getting worse
Don't think she's going to die?
No 'course not
she's just really ill
Have you got a bible?
Not on me, no!
Do you reckon you could get me one?
Are you mad?
Look, George if she dies I'll feel it's all my fault!
How could it be?
Maybe I did something wrong, i don't know
I ain't trained in looking after donkeys am I?
I don't see what good a bible's going to do
unless she fancies eating it
Well you never know...
oh okay
sorry love
Helen, are you feeling all right?
Yeah, but I wish I could say the same for Harriet though
Where's Griffiths with his vet?
George, if she dies everyone will blame me
They all know i was Imelda's best friend
They'll think I poisoned her or something and
I didn't 'cos I love her
Of course no-one will blame you
Everyone knows how much you love her
Helen, what are you doing with that bible?
There's lots of donkeys in it, aren't there?
I can't find where
Look under Easter
See now why we couldn't do it?
Stupid innit?
putting them that high up
That's not the half of it
how are we supposed to buy stamps
when we can't get up the steps
Here son, let me do that...
Leave it out, I can do it myself
Did you see that, it's a miracle!
Go ahead to the village and there you will
find a donkey tied up with her colt behind her
Untie them and bring them to me
And if anyone says anything
tell him, 'the master needs them'
he will let them go at once
I haven't seen Stephen Banks since I sent him
to the post office
Hope there wasn't any money with those letters
Oh nothing valuable
I think it was a mistake taking him, he's obviously
unhappy here
You can see him wondering why he couldn't
have had proper work experience
in a garage or something
He's a nice enough lad, but he's the sort who
holds his breath the moment he arrives
Have you seen Lucy or Perry?
They haven't turned up for my class
I can't find them anywhere!
Oh those two - they're probably robbing a bank
(telephone rings) And that's probably the police
(crowd cheers)
I'm freezing, hope our side wins soon
it's played according to time
Suppose one side scores 10 goals in 5 minutes
Be waste of time continuing
Where's Helen?
Harriet's not feeling too good, Helen's keeping
her company
And I thought Helen was a hard case
These are quite easy when you get the hang of them
Do you fancy a game?
What with you?
You mean with me in this?
To be fair I'll give you two shots to my one
Shall we put money on this?
Come on lad, play to the wings!
How much are they son?
20p at half time
Seeing as it's you Trev, have one on the house
Good ball
Good job you done on the secret place
You think I improved decoration
We should take that place over you know?
What, me and you?
It's too crowded with them kids in
they play games in there, chess, tiddlywinks
They'll be knitting next, I tell you
We should take the place over
Just the two of us?
all right, sweet yeah
See you tomorrow break then
What happened to Banksie?
I don't know, didn't see him this afternoon
But then again we're in different parts of the school
Maybe he went straight home
He did say he'd meet me here
good goal!
'Ziggy you all right?
Get a stretcher
Try not to move your legs
stay still don't move your legs
lift him up
gently does it
Look what Ant's done
This is a stupid pastime
It's not Ant's fault, it's the game
Rubbish, it's football not rollerball
I'm going
Don't go, it's almost finished
Is that it - it's over
who won?
It was a draw
Oh so that's where you got to
It's our fault, Miss
I just had a phone call from a worried gentleman
who says he saw 3 children in wheelchairs
and a miracle
Do you know anything about it?
No, Miss
No, nothing Miss
No-one's been joyriding in wheelchairs?
No Miss we've been here
Noone's encouraging newcomers to break school rules?
No Miss, scout's honour Miss
You found the post office, Stephen?
No trouble, Miss
And are you two going to apologise to
Miss Hamilton for missing her lesson
Yes Miss
Can we finish the game now?
I should think so, who's winning?
Or need I ask
We're about equal
Nah, she's just being kind
She's two games up
Well don't let me interrupt
Oh, shouldn't you have gone by now Stephen?
I thought I'd stay a little bit longer, Miss
if that's all right by you?
And I said I'd come back tomorrow and help
Perry jazz up his chair
Jazz up?
Nothing special, just customise it a bit
Right, well I'll see you all tomorrow then
Right it's your shot
She's all right that Mrs Adams, isn't she?
Here, you won't let on to anybody about
you beating me at snooker?
Doesn't stop you doing things, just 'cos you're
in a wheelchair
It's not that, it's errr...
Well what is it?
I don't want my mates to know that
I've been beaten by a girl
hah, that says it all that does!