Gönülçelen )) Episode 44 - Part 2/6 [English Subtitles]

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Sometimes words won't do us any good
What would change it I told you don't be upset or forget her
I understand dad.. You don't have to say anything
I was always supportive of you in time of needs, well I tried to
We're also by your side now, your mom and I
we'll do all we can to get past these days
Thanks Dad
but there is nothing that you can do
I just want to be alone
and I don't want to discuss this anymore
take this!
did you sleep again?
i told myself let's take a break and play a card game
I found myself playing alone
Brother Cobra.. Gülnaz is home and she's not feeling well
what are you saying?
- Hope you'll feel better Gülnaz - Thank you
How is she now? Is she OK?
She's ok now. But she needs to rest, no stress or fatigue
Ok no stress or fatigue.. Gob bless you
20 TL
my flower how can you lift all this weight and you're pregnant
what should I do Cobrettin? I called you but you didn't come
if I knew it was that important
I would've rented a private jet or took the curved stairs
you made me laugh man... I was very bored
look! is there anything wrong with me?
No girls nothing is wrong.. God forbid
- nothing is wrong - I got scared
me too I lost three, Friday Saturday and Sunday
I told you don't make me laugh.. Ludicrous!
- Oh my God! - what happened?
they are moving
I told you theu're constantly moving.. non stop
Oh my God! Girl how lovely they are!
God bless them they're active and kicking so hard!
I am bored.. I'll go wash the curtains
what are you doing? what curtains?
didn't you hear what the lady told you? Please rest!
how can I rest and the curtains are durty
I'll take care of everything.. curtains and what else?
you need to clean the windows after the curtains
Ok I'll clean it
after the windows you need to sweep the floor
wash the laundry, dry it and then iron it
after all this, we have no food for dinner
dinner needs to be cooked then after dinner dishes need to be done
there's so many things to do
Ok. I'll take care of everything. You rest and don't do anything
don't you move.. I'll take care of everything OK?
here it is.. our wedding invitation
It’s very pretty
everyone will receive one tomorrow
And there is a lot of wedding candy samples here but
I loved this one most
what? did you like it?
very nice
you went to see Hasret?
don’t look at me like that! what can I do?
I did not feel good about this whole thing
I told everyone to close this subject
and begged them not to talk in it anymore
and look what you did
aren’t you going to ask me what we talked about?
come on you are dying to know what we've talked about
Hasret is still in love with you
Ok she cannot shout out you're love but
I understood
When she talks about you her eyes shine
Her voice changed.. she couldn't breath
when I mentionned you, her heart was about to stop
furthermore as a woman I can feel it that she loves you
Hasret loves you
your feelings don’t count.. Hers count
and she has given a decision
Did you forget? She chose Levent
- but - please
please accept it
Everything is over
so you accept that it's over
I accept
ok my flower, I finished everything
- God bless you - thank you
- Oh! - what?
did I die?
what did you say girl?
did I die and go to heaven?
the work you did is too good to be true
the house is shinning clean
what heaven girl? I did all the work myself
No.. No.. I died
come and pinch me so I know I'm not dead
stop it!
come man.. come
what is this man??
are you snatching a piece of my arm??
Oh! i'm still alive
girl? are they still kicking
No daddy they are asleep
girl I wish you sang them a lullaby before they slept
when they'll cry I'll sing for them
Still, we need to start practicing
Cobrettin? Do you know what I feel like eating now
what girl?
I we had strawberry I would've eaten it with sugar
you want strawberry, then I'll get you some
you will?
where would you find strawberry at this time of the year
I'll find it
good day brother
thank you
do you have strawberries?
what? strawberries in the winter?
so you don't have it?
if you go to the rich neighborhoods you'll find it
damn rich people
you're right
what will happen now Ethem?
I won't be easy for him to get over this. After all love it's love pain
I guess the other day I was way over the top?
Please don't blame yourself Nesrin
He must be very mad at me
I think he is mostly mad at himself
I don't think he's mad at you
I wish all of this never happened
how would we know it would end like this?
now is not the time to dwell in the past
We should be here in the present and help Murat out
I am upset for Murat but still happy that this Hasret case is closed
He is a strong man.. He will be fine
Good evening brother
welcome sir
how much is the strawberries?
50 TL
I'm not buying the whole thing.. I'm only getting this
give me this
sir it's 50 TL
a whole 50 TL you mean
yes sir
brother, are you importing strawberries from Europe
are we paying the freight expenses?
anyway all I need is 3 pieces, give me 3 pieces
we don't sell by the piece
it's against our quality standards
it's about standards
let's go Jafer
what? where we would go?
to Kartal street
it's "Operation Blue Forces"
what operation Cobra
"The Strawberries Operation", Jafer.. Strawberries
come I'll explain it to you on the road
does this mean you'll meet?
I am so excited
How is this Shewket? what is his profession?
how did he follow you? how did he find you?
I didn't ask, I just said let's meet and chat
what did you talk about Nakiye?
we didn't talk about anything
I found him on the net, I sent him a message and he replied
then he asked if we can meet
you're so fast
you know how many years I waited for such a relation
did you see his picture as least?
Oh! I saw it!!Ç
I saw it!!
is he handsome?
very handsome
congratulations then
God willing
I got distracted by our conversation
I'll take some tea to Murat, he's do depressed
he left
where did he go?
dinner is almost ready
sit down.. I want to show you something
let's see if you'll like it
what is this?
I saw two houses today in Bebek
this one has a swimming pool
and in front it has a view of the Bosphorus
you can see the sea there..
this is the living room you can decorate it the way you like
this is the bathtub
its color is not bad we can keep it
I mean if you want to
and if you want we can change it
this is the kitchen
I think it's big? what do you think?
it's nice
so is that all?
what else should I say?
this is the house we plan to live in
you could give me your opinion
you said there were two houses
you can look if you want
should I press on this one?
no the other..
what's wrong? You sulked all night
Did you not like my voice?
you can improve your voice
you have a unique voice
if you know how to use it it will sound more pure
it has an untouched side
what are you saying man?
- how can you say this to me? - stop.. stop.. stop..
don't get me wrong.. I was only talking about your voice
don’t talk about my voice..
If you did not like it you do not have to listen to it. Get lost!
you too, stop filming! Aaa!!!
whats going on?
come on Levent.. close the camera.. let's go
you can see the other house laster
I'll go see my mom
when Murat first told me that we would pretend to be lovers
I didn't give it much importance
I even thought that it was amuzing
but after that
it got out of control
each day we had to lie even more
Murat didn't want to stop the game
each day he would increase the pressure on Hasret
but in the end he was the one to get out unhappy
And I got excited as I thought you would be my daughter in law
soryy.. each day I had to lie to you even more Mrs. Nesrine
it's not important
now we have bigger problems
we must support Murat to pass these dificult days
Murat is madly in love with Hasret
I don't know how would he be able to get throught this
with time his wounds would heal
then he would recover
I don't think he can ever recover without Hasret