The Cheat Report (Part 3/7)

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I´ve been inside of the Cheater-Ring for three years, from the age of 13 up to 16.
Then I realized that this is all wrong.
We had to change,
from T-Online to Arcor,
I had to change my mail address,
look for a new nick.
I even had to buy a new halflife.
Was a rough time.
Why did you drop out?
All these things which were done.
For example there has been -
and whoever played without cheats,
I don´t know,
just to see, if there is not another way to play,
got mocked at the next meeting and got laughed at
and was called a loser or deprived child and things like that.
And sometimes we had rituals taking place
and were drinking rat-blood.
In order to get the strength of them.
But why would you take rats?
Well, nobody had the guts to try bigger animals.
Where most of the Cheaters stay in the dark, full of shame for dropping out,
there are exceptions.
Kalle Götzel aka KotZ
has been a professional Cheater for several years
and is not afraid to go public with his conviction.
I play online since I was 14,
and I started the cheating only a couple of months later.
I just realised you´re stupid if you don´t do it.
Actually I play everything that pops in my mind,
from CS, Unreal, Quake,
up to the whole brain-thing Warcraft, Starcraft and all this.
Most important is, that I can cheat.
I even played chess once, but there the others always took so long.
There is just nothing bigger,
than turning on the pc after a hard working day and just rule.
- Aren´t you unemployed?
Jooo, but just temporarily.
So just rule.
There, all this guys come along thinking there were kind of a big deal
and then get their ass kicked.
- Why don´t you practice just like professional players do?
Stupid? I still got a real life!
If I was playing all day,
then I could do it as well.
Actually these are the real loser.
I´m not ashamed of being a cheater.
You have to see this like Darwin´s „only the strongest survive“.
Cheating is just the next step of evolution.
Cheaters are the stronger ones, natural selection and so on.
- But it is still a game made by humans,
the rules are based on fairness and not on surviving.
Cheating? Yo, what can we say about this.
If they need that.
The problem is simply, that certain people set certain standards,
and that other people break down on this, because they can´t keep up.
These people just had a dream, and realised then, that they can never fulfil it.
This can be very hard,
and they cheat, to cherish this illusion for a short period of time.
They hate? Just as long as you don´t meet one of them.
After that it´s not possible any longer. They have lost for life,
and we don´t even think about judging them.
Yet not everybody can stand above all just like this.
Because where judges don’t judge, they judge for themselves:
Cheating claim many victims.
We were talking to Christian Kummer, one of these numerous people,
to whom Cheating lead to his downfall.
I remember that very well.
It was a tuesday. 8 pm.
We were out with our whole squad.
Playing just another round of public.
I remember when i said,
you really shouldn´t do this, these servers are dangerous.
Nobody would listen.
We had just fucking way too much fun.
‚Just a little bit more bashing!' they all said.
And it became a hell of a bashing.
It was on A Long.
We had everything with us,
Colt Armalites,
One of them even had a Kalaschnikov.
No chance.
He had a Para.
Jumping out of the Gateroom he got Foxi right next to me.
Peng! Headshot!
Everything happened so fast.
We were firing, the Newbies threw grenades -
He kept running.
Peng! They got T1mo next to me
and Peng! Megalith right behind.
'It´s a Cheater!', I was yelling,
then it ripped me apart as well.
The one Newbie killed the other one,
then got eliminated as well.
The last one was a Swo0sh.
I can still hear his laughter, when he said:
'You guys go ahead and come from the front, I surprise him from the back!'
This guy had no back.
The last Salve came through the gate.
Swo0sh was dead immediately.
This bastard took the round all on his own.
Christian still suffers from these incidents, about two weeks after that Tuesday evening.
I don´t know if I will ever get over it.
But I know one thing for sure:
It happens over and over again.
On every server.
There is no place safe.
As long as there are cheaters, there will be suffering.
However cheating claims many victims on other stages as well.
Far away from the big reporting, financed by huge companies of the electronic-industry,
Cheaters-Children’s homes has been created over the years.
These homes take care of those who really suffer:
The children of Cheaters.
We have been visiting such a home and found out about the backgrounds.
Cheaters-children´s homes are an initiative of the electronic-industry.
It´s a free of charge service for the players-community,
because at least we judge the cheating, not the people and his family behind it.
The kids come here on many different ways.
It is just too much for many cheaters
and they give away there parenthood on their own free will.
Others realize, that it is best for the kids to get looked after professionally.
Then again others get here through the youth well fare office,
after the parents were being caught.
Of course for the most part the fathers do the cheating,
yet there are more cheating women than you can imagine.
Somehow these people always find people of their own kind.
What is wrong with these kids...
that´s hard to say. They behave strangely,
They are hyperactive -
Hey! Who did that? And where did you get this pizza from?
You better stop doing this.
And they put a lot of effort in cutting out the others.
You could say they have a different kind of perception.
What we are trying to do here now is teaching these kids values by intensive care
in order to make it easier for them to integrate into society.
Of course with the help of computer-games as well,
to make sure, that they don´t have the same fatal characteristics like their parents.
By disciplined and age-specific playing
the kids shall get approached to the understanding of rules.
- We just looked around and now we would like to know,
in how far these cheats on the computers go along with these aims?
- What kind of Cheats?
Who got Cheats?
I don´t know how they do that,
but somehow they always get a hold of these Cheats.
As if it were jinxed.
Renate, yes?
You, Miss Lauer, I don´t have Cheats, honestly!
That´s great Renate, and now go back playing.
May I use the internet now, while the others mustn't?
Was this strange behaviour brought up that way or is it inherited?
I couldn´t possibly tell you.
I just know that in one way or the other there is only one part to be blamed:
And this is the inconsiderate parents.
How could someone be a cheater and still put children in this world?
The future of many Cheater-children is uncertain.
Therefor one question became even more certain:
The question about the origin.
What makes the Cheater being a Cheater?
Is Cheating hereditary?
We are not alone on our search.
Origin or: The Cloaca In Close-Up
At the Humboldt-Institute for Genetic-research
researchers of the working-group CLEAR, which was founded by the german eSport association
claim to find the answer to the Cheater-Question in human DNA.
For over one year already they are on the hunt for the notorious Cheater-Gene,
in close co-operation with Human Genome Project
and the National Human Genome Research Institute.
The Cheater-Gene would imply, according to this theory,
physical appearance as well as social behavioural pattern.
In the provisional research-report from 01/01/05 this phenotype is summarised as follows.
The cheater-gene would imply stunted growth, bad eyesight,
muscular atrophy, asymmetrical build,
increased prone to sickness and an inclination to extreme thinness or stoutness.
This Gene is supposed to wangle its way into the genetic-sequence
during the DNA replication by an effect which is still to be unknown
and with its defective syntax simply overtyping the information of following genes
The whole purpose of this gene is still unknown.
Maybe really the next step of evolution?
Unlikely, is what researchers say.
More possible is that these are remnants of times,
when nature was still very playful.
The experiment turned out to be a failure.
Until this very day, the Cheater-Gene kept being dominant.
...jeah, just like drawing the short straw.
It keeps being passed around.
A play of nature.
It´s not serious though, otherwise it would have whacked the complete DNA.
This way only one gene is doing a prank.
There surely is no treatment for this prank.
Although the Cheater-Gene got located several times during the tests,
it has not become a rule.
The system has not been unravelled yet.
Reason enough for some people,
moving the origin of cheating into a whole different field.
The psychiatrist and hobbyplayer Dr. Bernd Christmann
has long-time-experience in the psychotherapeutic way of dealing with Cheaters
and is considered to be an icon in treatment of players.
He developed his own theory.
The Cheater is a creature ridden by demons,
but these demons have nothing to do with the genetic make-up.
He is rather a victim of traumas laying deep inside of him, and of -
negative childhood experiences and an inferiority complex he has, because of it.
We also have to get rid of the prejudice of stunted sex characteristics.
Although it´s true that most of the cheaters have a small penis,
however a underdeveloped sex characteristic
is not necessarily the reason they cheat, as always claimed.
What I´m trying to say is:
The cheater is the victim. Not these few people who are at his mercy.
What does it matter?
You get defeated, leave the server and go back to your normal life.
But what kind of life is it, that the cheater leads?
Where is he going back to when he did some cheating?
This question is asked by the public only a very few times.
And I can tell you from my long-time experience,
that this is one deflating answer.
Dr. Christmann gave us an insight into a filmed hypnosis-treatment,
which a chronicle Cheater has received by him.
Under the protection of anonymity we were allowed to make use of this material.
Insights of a wrecked soul has been revealed.
No, I don´t want to go back there! Nobody likes me,
they laugh at me. They always laugh at me!
- But it´s still your home.
No, I don´t want to!
It smells funny and it is all dirty there.
The others beat me up again because of my voice
and my hair and my teeth and my clothes.
- Why don´t you go and dress up once in while.
No I´m not worth it.
They all say it and they are right.
Please Mama, let me cheat!
Then I will finish them all, then they will get some…!
Cheating, then they will have no chance...
that´s gonna be great, I will shoot them all down...
oh yeah...
Aimbot and Wallhack and Flashhack... cheating!
- When I clap my hands you wake up.
Wake up already!
A last, small group of people are said
to have simple physical disabilities or learning disabilities,
which lead to Cheat-Acts of desperation.
Because of this, there is for quite a long time the Ever-Sense-Them or EST Cheat
for various games which is supposed to help people with partial blindness or deafness...
...the Text-To-Speech Cheat for illiterates...
...or the Erection-Motivator Cheat,
which shall help those people who try to compensate sexual frustration through victory in a game,
but having problems of getting an erection.
Cheats as compensation of natural handicaps?
In what way these Cheaters are to be judged is still open.
*Sings basically about how shitty Cheaters are*
Counter-Measures or: We Are Coming For You
Cheating in Online-Games is not a peccadillo.
Cheating does harm to the moral self-esteem of our society
as well as to the national and international economy
To point the way to the future is in the same way
a question of self-esteem, of the economy as well as of the international communication.
We cannot put up with cheating any longer.
Therefor I plead formally for the admission of it into the list of transgression.
We have to fight against these saboteurs.
Cheating is terrorism, yes.
Yet the resistance came quietly.
In creating Anti-Cheat-Tools the programming-skills of an idealistic players-front
were blocking the cheating-mania 5 years ago already.
Above all the programme valid for several games Punkbuster,
which the legendary Cheater Nubbi described as follows.
Punkbuster might as well be called Mini-Willy-Buster
because all people it catches, happen to have a small penis.
In Counterstrike programmes like TSC and CSGuard were responsible for a first support,
in Unreal Tournament Dr. Sins head-delivery CSHP and UT Pure.
First named were broken pretty fast, the second stood strong.
When the Punkbuster Support for CS got stopped,
because programmers thought, earning nothing for working a lot would not be ergonomically,
in 2002 the Programme Cheating Death completed the movement,
which against all high expectations could only kill the Cheat.
When the game-producers recognised how harmful Cheats actually are, they followed.
The most famous developing-programme is Valves Anti-Cheat, aka VAC,
which even until today nobody could actually say
if this was just a joke or not.
Whereas the developer Blizzard was never in the habit of joking,
his Battlenet is for Cheaters as the coliseum for the christian community –
not a Pilgrims-site.
VAC 2 worked well when we were shooting the film,
unless it got deactivated by a Cheat.
Despite all efforts, the Anti-Cheat Tools weren’t effort enough for lots of players.
Besides the blocking of playereraccounts,
which can be compared with the destroying of the license,
the Community itself had have some thoughts itself about punishments.
However, suggestions like the sewing of the genitals onto the nose
or the destruction of cheatinfected computers couldn’t get through.
The only thing that lasted was the will.
It moved from the streets into the Lobbies and from there into the Bundestag.
Yet like almost always, the initiative came from America.
Reinforced by the Cyber Security Enhancement Act,
the Cheaters got challenged unmistakably.
In the true sense of the word,
because since the US Army has its own game, they are not willing to joke anymore.
An Employee with these exact words:
Allthough pretty severe in its realization,
this model made a good impression abroad.
After the bill, lots of companies even in germany announced far-reaching Anti-Cheat-steps.
The electronic-company Raptoxx was distinguished with the most promising project.
In co-operation with the ministry of defence and the police they called the PACT into being.
An employee explains what the PACT exactly is all about.
PACT stands for Physical Anti-Cheat Tool,
and got realized because of the Anti-Onlinecheat-resolution.
It is an autonomous legal capacity,
which puts its fighting against cheating into immediacy.
The PACT is connected to the Steam-, Gamespy- and WON network
registers via Anti-Cheat programs illegal gaming-actions,
gets in touch with the provider through an interface
locates the physical place of residence of the cheater
and forwards these information to the core of the PACT, a special task force.
At the same time a message is being sent to the local prosecutor,
who only has to confirm it.
From there on everything is just police-routine.
We were interested in this routine, so we visited this task force.
The four bedrocks of the PACT are
practice, attackpower, coolness and toughness.
Our unit takes only the best of the best.
- We get them all.
We got everything you need to fight against this cheater-nuisance.
Hightech equipment by Raptoxx, rifles model AR15,
maschinepistols Heckler and Koch MP5 for house-to-house fighting
kevlar vests, GPS position-finder,
flashbangs, grenade launchers, maschineguns
heavy weapons, items of laser technology and air-support
Barret .50er sharp-shooter rifles
weapon arsenal... hm?
And we got handcuffs.
Now, whenever a Cheat is in sight, everything happens as quick as a lightning.
The satellite-network checks the exact location, locates the polar-coordinates
and sends it to the headquarter immediately.
Here, everything is in state of alert.
A Cheater in the south-west, large distance.
The caught in the act is essential, the speed is everything.
Not a problem for the armed team.
We were allowed to take part.
A maximum of twenty-one minutes until arrival, anywhere in Germany.
Faster than playing a Public round.
Last preperations during time of waiting.
Then the beginning of the end.
Oh my god!
Stay calm!
PACT! On the ground!
Hurry, down on the ground!
Hands on the back!
Shut up!
Martin Dummkaup, we arrest you for illegal program-manipulation!
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be provided for you at government expense.
March him off. - Reinforcements on their way!
Subject seized. Confiscate system!
Go go go!
What's going on here? Don't touch me!
What are doing with my son?
Your son was cheating.
- Shut up!
Did you know, your son was cheating?
No, of course not. How could I.
This little prick.
It had to come this way.
Never listened to his mum.
Such a good-for-nothing.
In winter 2000, 2,085 players were cheating constantly.
In January 2005 it has been 385,120.
Insiders of the scene guess,
that in 2010 there will be already 18.5 billions of them,
but this projection is not being confirmed.
An alarming tendency.
At this exact moment there are 514,419 Cheats
and 19,151,514 illegal Programme-manipulations.
These numbers keep on rising daily.
Cheating is not a bad habit anymore,
but a conviction,
which grows quickly and takes part in all areas of life.
Cheat-networks are the temples,
Coders are the gods.
Cheaters are tourists of misery,
their fun is what kills the fun of others.
Whether they are victims or culprits stays open.
But it´s up to us, to bring this mischief to an end.
Future is not written yet.