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I'll quit school.
Who says you can?
If you're going to quit school, pay me back first.
Tell me something. Why do I have to stay at this school?
I will give up my position as promised.
Come see me when you have a diploma in hand.
Mr. Jang!
What are you doing?
Why don't you talk? What happened yesterday?
Why didn't Eun Byul come today?
I'm really itching to tell you.
But if I do, Moo Shin will kill me.
You're dead meat either way, so just tell us.
- Hurry. - Hurry.
Hey guys.
Big news.
Mr. Jang's quitting.
Whatever! You're kidding.
Stop kidding around.
- Stop lying. - Liar.
Why don't you guys ever believe me?
It's because of Moo Shin.
Moo Shin.
What happened?
What happened to Mr. Jang?
Hey guys, look over there.
Mr. Jang.
Teacher! Where are you going?
Is he really leaving us?
He'll come back soon.
What really happened between Moo Shin and teach?
Why did he quit?
Are you looking for the platinum necklace?
A necklace with a star pendant. Did you find it?
They said they didn't see any necklace there.
Excuse me, Miss Hong.
Can I go out just for a while?
It's so boring here.
As long as you pretend that you didn't see anything.
Can I?
I'm really sorry.
I'm not authorized to do that.
Then... may I borrow your cell phone?
Only if the chairman gives the order.
Do you really have to do that?
Just this one time.
Let me use it just this one time.
His arrest is still not approved yet, you know that right?
Yes, I know that.
It's only a minor mistake on his part, so there's no need to arrest him.
Even so, his behavior shouldn't be ignored.
It's really too bothersome to take this small matter to court.
The Head Chief mentioned that he could use someone with great potential like you.
Well... that is true.
When should I report to him?
I'll contact you about that later.
Yes, chairman.
I followed your order and the student's problem is solved.
You're quite brave.
Fighting with the mafia is something that you can't avoid.
But you should know the consequence for hitting a police officer, right?
Thank you.
Call me if should you need any help in the future.
The police gave this to me. They said it belonged to Mr. Jang.
Could you help me to return this to him?
The number you're dialing cannot be reach...
Eun Byul?
Sakang, are you alright?
Of course I'm alright.
But are you not feeling well?
You're not coming to school?
I'm temporarily grounded now.
I really want to go to school.
I can't seem to contact Mr. Jang.
Is he badly wounded?
Mr. Jang?
Is he alright?
Oh, he's fine.
But ... Mr. Jang...
Sorry, I have to hang up now. I'll call you back later, ok?
Eun Byul.
I got this for you.
Try it.
It's supposed to be good for you.
I don't like bitter things.
It's not bitter at all.
I begged them not to make it bitter.
It's really not.
It's really sweet.
It has a lot of pulp. That makes it extra good.
Dad, I'm really okay.
But how long do I have to stay cooped up like this?
Just until you go to the States.
But I haven't even graduated yet, and I'm not leaving anytime soon.
You can leave next week.
Why do I have to leave like this?
You can leave now.
What's so bad about this?
I really hate having to hide in my room constantly. It's not the first time either.
So annoying!
Do you think I really want to do this to you?
Will you let me live my own life?
Listen to me carefully.
You are my daughter.
From the moment you were born, it's your destiny to live this kind of life.
So, stop talking nonsense.
Just trust me, and do as I say.
Consider it a break before going abroad.
But still, I have to graduate before going abroad.
I'll take care of your diploma. Don't you worry.
Take a nap.
Was that Eun Byul that just called?
What happened yesterday?
Is it something to do with Eun Byul?
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
Moo Shin, come in.
Do you know where Mr. Jang's house is?
I don't know.
What should I do?
Why are you looking for him?
I need to return the cell phone to Mr. Jang.
Cell phone?
I came to give you this.
Would you like some tea?
No, I'm alright.
What are you going to do about school?
The principal hasn't accepted your letter of resignation.
I don't think I can go back there.
Why not?
This business with Moo Shin could be seen as an excuse.
But I don't think I'm in a position to teach anyone anything.
Why do you say that?
Of all the teachers I know, you are the most fit for the job.
You're just saying that.
I know that you still haven't told me certain things.
I don't know what's bothering you,
but can't you confide in me instead of suffering alone?
Two is better than one, right?
I know I may not be much help, but you never know.
I might be able to help a little.
You do help me.
You help a lot.
But So Yi,
they say there are times when a man needs to hide in his cave.
It's the truth.
But it won't take long.
I'll just hide in my little cave for a bit.
I'll just sit in there by myself.
I know I'm always making you wait.
I'm really sorry.
I'm so used to apologizing now.
I think I know what you're saying.
But watching you go through these tough times...
It's two or three times harder on me.
I'm going for a walk.
The weather is so nice.
Quiet. Quiet down!
Be quiet.
Your homeroom teacher, due to personal reasons, won't be teaching for the moment.
Where did he go?
You don't need to know.
Just concentrate on your studies.
Please tell us.
Also for the moment, I will be the new homeroom teacher for class 8.
Everyone should know that I and Mr. Jang are not the same.
Kids, don't think that I will be like Mr. Jang that let things go easy on you.
It's for your own good.
Anyone who sleeps and eats in class
or does not sit up straight... Be careful. I won't tolerate that.
Alright, use this time to study.
Let's start.
Class President.
No me ames
Por que estoy perdido
Por que cambie el mundo
Por que es el destino
Por que no se
I can't find my bottled glue. Where is it?
Be careful.
Where did I put it?
I'm going to need your help.
Anything that your classmates do or say, write all of it down in here.
Do you know why you're always in second place?
Because you don't know when to go with the flow.
In school, you need to go with the flow.
Real life is the same, you need to go with the flow.
As long as you do this well, I will tutor you to improve your grade.
What do I have to write?
Things like who is playing tricks on who.
Or while not in school, who is doing improper things.
I'm sure you'll know best.
Take it.
What is it?
Express delivery.
What is this?
We said we'd hook you up, right?
Isn't the design beautiful?
It's brand new.
If not for us, when would you ever get to do a video call?
I don't know.
But why aren't you coming to school?
Something huge happened.
Wait, we'll fill you in with pictures that won't cut out.
Everyone, say hi to Eun Byul!
Hey, Eun Byul!
Eun Byul, chat with me. Wait.
No way. Forget it.
Eun Byul, if you don't graduate, you'll lose the bet.
Then you'll lose all your money.
Friendship and business are two different things, okay?
Eun Byul?
Hey, give it to me.
Nothing. Go ahead.
She's scary.
Eun Byul, how are you? It stinks being stuck at home, huh?
Just say the word and we'll show you everything.
Come on, say something.
Are you eating well?
Chae Moo Shin, do it right.
Hurry back, alright.
This is pretty cool.
Thanks, guys.
But what you want to see isn't us, is it?
We're sorry we can't show you the person you really want to see.
What do you mean?
Mr. Jang quit.
He did? Why?
Because Moo Shin was going to be expelled.
I'll tell you everything when you come back to school.
So what is he doing now?
I'm not actually sure what he's been doing.
I'm sorry, Eun Byul. We couldn't protect Mr. Jang.
Regardless, we'll think of a plan once you return to school.
Also, don't forget that you promised we'll graduate together, okay?
Don't forget or I won't forgive you.
Remember that, okay?
Alright, take care and I'll see you later.
The wind of the morning cold spell pained me.
We have to love dying things just as the stars sing.
And I have to walk the path that has been given to me.
Tonight, the wind grazes past the stars.
Should we learn about the poems... Of Yun Dongju today?
The stars the poet mentions represent the ideal life.
The poem speaks of innocent hopes and conscience.
The singing stars refer to a sort of ethical purity.
Can't we just answer the questions?
Don't go over the stuff in the extra workbook.
Kids, the thing about poetry is that you have to feel it.
That won't be on the exam.
Fine, then. Let's look at question 1 on page 14.
Choose the incorrect explanation.
Isn't it number 3?
A life that strives for internal growth.
That's right.
You guys are good.
It's just your demo class, so you shouldn't worry too much.
But if it doesn't suit you, I guess there's nothing we can do.
I'm sorry.
Ahjussi, can you give us some money for the bus fare?
We want to go home, but we don't have any money.
Ahjussi, I don't have any money for the bus fare.
Can you lend me some?
Lend me some money. I'll pay you back soon.
What's with him?
Here's some water.
Just you today? Did you have a fight?
You're so experienced.
I can tell by looking at you.
It doesn't do you any good even if you won the fight.
Just give up and move on.
Oh, how have you been?
It's a relief that things turned out well.
How are you?
I'm doing really well.
Are Sang Tae and Sakang okay? And the students?
Why aren't you asking about Eun Byul?
If you're not coming back to school because of me...
It's not that.
Teaching never suited me. I always wanted to do something else.
I'm going to stick it out.
If they try to send me to another school or whatever...
then I'll stick it out as well.
Good thinking.
I don't care what anyone at school says.
I came to tell you that.
Seo Dong and I have different areas we run,
so I'm not affiliated with him.
This place may be in your name, but who doesn't know that it's his?
If he has done anything wrong, I apologize on his behalf, Mr. Kim.
It's too late. You've already set up shop here. This is our turf.
Make sure you tell Seo Dong that.
If he wants to be safe, he better not do anything rash.
Thank you, Mr. Kim!
Hey, guys.
Hey. Long time no see.
We're starting to become pretty popular.
If we don't disguise ourselves, we get mobbed.
That's the price of being famous.
If you need our autographs, we can do one for you now.
Come on in.
You must be going somewhere nice.
But why are you leaving when you just got here?
Eun Byul said she was feeling ill.
She did?
We'll drop by later.
Eun Byul.
Eun Byul.
I heard some of your friends came by. Why'd they leave so soon?
I told them to swing by more often.
I got a place for you to live in the US.
I brought some pictures. You want to see them?
Hey, Eun Byul.
What is it? Are you not feeling well?
Are you cold?
Don't be like this.
Do you want to go back to school?
I know. I'm taking care of that. You'll be able to go to school soon.
Just wait a bit longer, okay?
By doing that, I'm still not letting you go back to that house.
Say something!
Hey, Eun Byul.
What is this?
Where's Eun Byul?
She said she'd give me this bag if I stayed here in her place.
That little...
Mr. Kim!
Chili dogs, chili dogs... Where's the chili dog?
Where are you going?
It's me, Mr. Jang.
Have you forgotten my voice already?
Eun Byul, what are you doing here?
Who gave you permission to go anywhere?
I just...
What are you doing?
How could you leave? Did anyone say you could?
Wait. Wait. Time out.
Sit down.
Does your dad know you're here?
Why is that important?
You snuck out.
Are you nuts?
He won't find out?
Erasing a tape isn't hard, you know.
But if he finds out about this, you and I are both dead.
So who said to pack up your things?
There's no reason for me to be here.
You're not here, and this isn't my home.
This is your home.
It's our home.
Let's go.
Mr. Kim, what are you doing?
We should go.
Mr. Yoo, wait.
Mr. Jang!
Eun Byul.
You must have forgotten how scary your father is.
How could you do this?
Just once.
- Move. - Just once!
Dad, wanting to live a normal life isn't a bad thing, is it?
At first, I really didn't want to go to school.
I didn't think anyone could teach me.
But I really love going to this school and studying with my friends,
and even getting in trouble with my teacher.
Just once, I want to live a normal life.
I know I shouldn't do this.
But dad, just once...
Can't I just stay here until I graduate?
After that, if there's a life you expect me to live,
I'll live it to the best of my ability.
But let me live here, just until graduation.
If I don't, I won't have those memories of school that everyone one else has.
Let me stay here and go to school with Mr. Jang. Please?
Is it okay to just leave like this?
Our Eun Byul...
ever since her mother passed away,
never expressed her feeling like she just did.
Be Patient, Mr. Kim.
Let's go.
Can't you sleep? Why are you out here?
It's stuffy in my room.
Why aren't you sleeping?
I just couldn't sleep.
Since when did you get so good at speaking?
I was always good.
But is this okay?
Currently a Korean teacher.
Aren't you unemployed?
Kick a dog while he's down, why don't you?
Why did you have to make a scene in front of the principal?
I was wondering why I did that, too.
Well, you can just hit it big as a tutor.
How is a tutor going to hit it big?
You need to get a lot of calls.
I'll try to help out.
Just keep cutting.
I am an authority when it comes to cutting.
How about a game of rock, scissors, paper?
Just say you want to eat instant noodles.
I was going to make them if I lose.
When do you leave?
In about two weeks.
What are you doing?
It's a survival strategy.
But it's only been a short while since you took the class.
You're the one who always looked down on Mr. Jang.
Good job.
You know, I'm totally different from him.
Prevention is better than a cure. You need to use your head before they get to you.
What? I think it's more a matter of too little, too late.
I don't think so.
How's the singing thing coming along?
If there's anything you need, be sure and let me know.
I'm always on your side. Got it?
Jang Chunsim. Yi Hyangja. Park Hyosuk.
Here. If you need an early dismissal pass as well, just let me know.
- What? - Is it okay?
Sure. What's class when you need to focus on your talents?
Go on. Go.
Mr. Jang would never do that.
He would've been like, "Hey, no way."
And then he'd tell us to go to class.
Mr. Ko doesn't even mention studying or college.
So we can just do whatever we want?
I should be happy, but I feel weird.
Same here.
I feel weird.
Mr. Ko, there's soap on the right side of the stairs.
Be careful.
Who are you trying to fool?
You might slip.
Oh, right.
I thought you left already.
Leaving without saying goodbye...
wouldn't that be cool?
That's not cool at all.
I know that.
Come in, Miss.
Here, sit down.
May I serve you one last cup of tea?
What kind of tea should I make for you?
Sadness of separation, Ja Yi?
Ja Yi?
In other words, it's tea and milk.
The milk must be boiled for 5 minutes to eliminate its strong fragrance.
It's best to make this to postpone us saying goodbye.
Why do you always talk about saying goodbye?
I'm not saying that to you. I'm saying that to myself.
Before the tea is ready, let me guess your purpose for coming here.
You're trying to think of a way so Mr. Jang can return to work.
You're hesitating whether you should visit him or not.
How did you know that?
I was right?
I was hoping that I'm wrong.
I was happy for nothing because I thought you were here to send me away.
Are you really going to India?
I'm going to work at a tea farm, where my senior lives.
That's great.
What so great about it?
It's hard work.
If you have some free time, stop by to visit.
Do I have to do hard work too?
Pretty ladies, no.
But in this case, you might have to do some hard work.
Don't cry. I'm not going far away.
When did I cry?
Don't cry and hold on tight.
I'm talking about Mr. Jang.
Do you know how many tears a person can cry in a lifetime?
70 litres
That many?
When you cried to 70 litres,
you can turn around and leave without any regrets.
When you finish your 70 liters and have no more tears to cry, I will cry for you.
I haven't done anything for you.
You have done a lot for me.
Only you didn't know that.
The milk.
It's over boiled.
It tastes better this way.
Entrance Exam Prep Korean and Essay Writing Tutor
Aren't you going to school?
After I help you with this. People should be loyal.
Just be honest and say you don't want to study.
I'm serious.
This happened because you can't handle the students?
Those Homeroom 8 kids have been famous for acting up for a while now.
That's right. I think the water they drink is different.
What water are you talking about?
Mr. Ko, is there nothing you can do?
I'm actually scared of those kids.
What's wrong with you?
Didn't Mr. Jang get along well with them?
An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.
Crazy students deserve a crazy teacher.
You haven't validated his letter of resignation yet, have you?
So what if I haven't? He left of his own accord!
But still, I think a little loss of face for you
is better than expelling the entire class.
I don't believe this.
School makes me so lonely.
But Mr. Jang knew what he was doing.
When I went up the roof, it wasn't to kill myself.
He knew I went up there to live.
What do you mean?
At least he never pretended to be nice just to get us on his side.
That's right.
He may have nagged us a lot, but he really cared about us.
But what do we do? He's already gone.
And there's not much time left until graduation.
That's right. As students, we should do something.
I know. There's nothing you can do.
Let's run until we're out of breath.
We have to fight. To the finish.
You have to find your own unique way.
The world is crooked as it is.
Crap is an imperative part of life.
If you pester it just because it stinks, how would that make the crap feel?
Looking at yourself from an honest perspective is a very good thing.
But believing in yourself is even better.
What's with him?
I can't live like this.
We have to do something.
Dead Poets Society style.
Yeah, whatever that means.
Let's go.
I'm in.
Me, too.
Me, too.
I also want Mr. Jang to come back.
Hey, what's with you?
Let me know if you need a hand.
Why should we?
I can't stand Mr. Ko's sense of style.
Let's do this.
It's been raining all day.
I know.
No phone calls?
How can you expect calls already?
Oh, your phone!
Let me see it.
I'm contacting you about the ad. Please come to this address.
Building 2, Yeongseo Apartments. Next to the market.
Why would they text and not call?
Mr. Ko! Mr. Ko!
It's about Homeroom 8.
What is it?
The students vanished into thin air.
What? Vanished?
Those little...
We should be close.
Is that right?
It should be nearby.
Should we call?
Oh, this is where Sakang used to work.
Wow, what's this?
That's you.
Mr. Jang, come back.
Mr. Jang, we made an album.
Are you SAM?
We miss that face of yours.
Look at this.
Looking for a teacher from M High School.
I love you.
Homeroom teacher.
It's alright. Come back.
The brain full of crap will become stupid.
Is Moo Shin your only student? We're all your students.
This is considered as art in action.
Don't hide from reality. Hurry and come back.
Mr. Jang, our album is out. Really.
When I'm lonely, who will cheer me up?
They even drew your face too. Look like the face of a criminal.
Are they hunting a criminal?
Students that don't study or listen.
What did you do while you were skipping class?
Mr. Park, we were really just planning to be gone for a little bit.
Is three hours a little bit?
We didn't know we were gone so long.
Are you kids students?
I think this is the first time in history an entire class has left the school.
So we set a new record?
Shut your mouths. You should be ashamed.
Don't talk back. Whoever instigated this, speak up.
Aren't you in pain? I'm getting tired.
Let's look for a rational way of doing this.
Who was it?
There was no instigator. We just all walked out.
We're not doing this because we don't know who it is.
We're just giving you a chance to confess.
Step up before it's too late.
Step up.
You kids are really evil. You're all in cahoots.
Are you going to sit here like this all night?
Class president, spit it out.
Where'd you go and what'd you do?
You're going to lie, aren't you?
When you're in times of need, I'll help you.
When you're sad, I'll be your tears.
When you walk down a dark street,
I'll be your street light.
Be quiet. What do you think you're doing?
Shut your mouths!
Be quiet!
Be quiet! Please stop!
Stop it! I said stop.
I'll be your side forever.
I'm your friend.
Be quiet! Shut your mouths!