Mr. Teixeira, please...

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A richer man, and deals that defy explanation
Switzerland investigates FIFA's corruption...
and the president of CBF is involved
Our news team had access to the dates and amounts...
of bribes paid to the company that is Teixeira's partner
It happened at the same time that Teixeira's assets multiplied
The mansion at the farm is amazing
This is Teixeira's weekend refuge
He has a refined taste
The beach house in Buzios, on Rio's coast
The 600 square meters house in Delray Beach, Florida
Or his condo house in Itanhangá, Rio de Janeiro
This journalist has followed Teixeira's career...
and is the target of over 100 legal proceedings initiated by Teixeira
He makes around 45 thousand dollars a month as president of CBF
...of course his assets are not compatible with his salary
Teixeira rarely appears in public
He was seen at Ronaldo's farewell game from Brazil's national team
So far, he has not answered the accusations
...broadcast by BBC
...that Teixeira and his father-in-law got U$ 9,5 million in bribes
The money was reportedly paid to Sanud
...a company based in Liechtenstein european haven used to hide dirty money
The payments were made by ISL, a marketing company exchange for lucrative sponsoring and TV contracts with FIFA
Sanud, the company that got the bribe money Teixeira's partner in a company called RLJ
...based in this building in downtown Rio de Janeiro
As this documents shows, the person that signs for Sanud in Brazil Guilherme Teixeira, Ricardo Teixeira's brother
The list with the dates of the bribe payments made to Sanud
...reveal other "coincidences"
The first payment, of one million dollars, was made on August 10, 1992
The following month, on September 28, 1992, Sanud became Teixeira's partner in Brazil
And the resulting company started to invest money in Teixeira's businesses
For example, in the farm that Teixeira bought right after becoming CBF president
In 1992, Teixeira's company, in partnership with Sanud,
...invested almost a million reais here in the farm
Since then, the farm has boomed
Teixeira now owns a milk business
Here the visitors can play soccer
The old colonial house is surrounded by new buildings, a villa!
Here the helicopters land
Teixeira's land holdings are now much larger; he bought the neighbor’s farm
Local residents say his property now extends "as far as the eyes can see"
In January, 1993, Teixeira made another investment in Piraí
...a trucking business that, as least on paper, consumed one million reais
The company was here, some 10 years ago
In October, 1994, as Sanud kept getting more and more bribe money in Europe
...Teixeira's company in Brazil kept investing
This public document shows that between 1994 and 1996
...the partnership Sanud-Teixeira
...invested 1,8 million reais in a restaurant controlled by Teixeira in Rio de Janeiro
The list of Teixeira's assets grew
In 1996, the partnership Sanud-Teixeira
...bought the house where Teixeira lives in a posh neighborhood in Rio
Sounds funny, but today Teixeira rents his own house!
The contract was signed in 2000
...RLJ, Teixeira's company, rents the house to him for seven thousand reais a month
The contract shows Teixeira's nephew, Nilton, as the representative of RLJ that rents the house
...but the person that signs the deal as landlord is Teixeira's son, Ricardo Teixeira Havelange
We went to Piraí to talk to Nilton and try to understand the strange deal
Nilton now works for the mayor's office in Piraí phone, he said that he has not done business deals with his uncle Ricardo
...for the last 12 years!
Since Nilton told us that he had no part in the deal,
...we left him a copy of the contract he could give us his opinion about the document
So far he has not called us back
Strange, yes, but there is more
If we consider the official documents registered here in Rio
Sanud still controls 50% of Ricardo Teixeira's main company
...but information given by the brazilian government a Senate investigation
...shows that Sanud was closed in Liechtenstein by January 8, 1999
So, Teixeira still has as partner
...a company that has been out of business for the last 12 years!
When investigated by the Brazilian Congress, in 2000
Teixeira said that he made money in the financial markets
...that he had no companies overseas
...and that he knew nothing about money laundering
Formally, I don't know about the use of soccer for money laundering
Nowadays, out of the soccer fields, there is a gang
...of the powerful, that controls soccer
Because of them, what happens in soccer is never clear
Now, as president of World Cup Brazil 2014
Ricardo Teixeira will make the most important decisions regarding the next tournament
But he'll do that under suspicious eyes
In Switzerland, in the coming months, a tribunal will decide
...if it discloses the details of the legal deal which part of the bribe money was paid back by FIFA representatives
A decision that may seal Teixeira's fate
We'll not have as president of the organizing committee in Brazil
...dealing with billions in public money
...someone that in a Swiss court confessed to taking bribes
Then the Brazilian government will have to act
...and we know that president Dilma Rousseff not as friendly towards Ricardo Teixeira as president Lula much so that she keeps Teixeira at a distance
Ricardo Teixeira refused to answer our questions