Humber gives to the community

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The Toy Room

2002, we started by
giving gingerbreads. I got the students involved in
giving their time. We started doing different events with different schools,
Having a toy drive and it sort of became bigger and bigger.
which is really nice because you can see so many people interested in this.
In 2009, Humber dontated three van loads of toys to the Etobicoke Children's Aid Society.
The worker will deliver the toys to the foster parents and to the children so that
they know exactly what children they have in different ages, different races.

Drop off an unwrapped gift by December 17, 2010 at: Humber North Campus: Room C105 or HSF. Humber Lakeshore Campus: HSF
I just hope that the message is give either your time or something back
to the community that you work for.