WAR'S WHISPERS (murmures de guerre)

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My name is Clark Flanagan, and I'm going to tell you the story I lived.
I have served in the 29th infantry divison of the USA.
Into the squad, we always were a few men who were never separated.
We were under the command of the sergeants Stran and Mc Reary,
they had been in the same school, then highschool, they had joined the army together...
They considered themselves as the best friends in the whole world.
They were never called by two names or their ranks,
those two men were one, and they would have done everything for their men...
Both didn't like officers,
I can remember Floyd's words before the boarding:
"If you guys want to survive this war, follow us!
A lot of officers will offer you a fast ticket to the morgue"
They have visited the jails during the trainings in England,
cuz' they had difficulties with authority...
Despite this, they probably were the two better NCOs of the unity,
they were respected by their men.
Two months before the D-Day, James had been separated of his unity
to join one of the 16th RCT.
I wiil recount you what I could lived...
Flanagan! Flanagan!
Where is our squad!?
They had been dispersed, forgot them, it's too late!
Do you see that shell hole on the beach over-there?
It's where we go! Come on!
Sergeant, where are the others?
They're dead Johnny!
During the chaos on the beach,
we met an unexpected guest...
James!? Damn I thought you were on Easy Red!
This moron of the Navy dropped me in the sea, he was lost!
Where are the tanks?
Dip in the sea you'll find one!
Don't stay here guys, else you're dead! Come on, let's go! Quick!
James! We've got to leave this fucking beach now.
Come on, climb up!
Floyd go! Harrison go! Come on Flan' move your ass!
Then, the squad was now decimated...
The others didn't manage to leave the beach or died.
We were now delivered to ourselves,
our four-man trek was beginning...
They're coming! Fire!
Go ashore!
Everything is okay!?
Harrisson was shot on the hand, nothing serious.
I'm going to skirt them by the right!
Ok, count to three, Flanagan with me.
One! Two! Three!!
Floyd got the shooter, let's go Flan'!
You're a real asshole...
Flanagan in coverage.
James! Harrisson!
Stay here!
Floyd, we will sleep here,
do you agree?
Come in guys!
I'm out, I smoke, 2 minuts.
Sergeant Mc Reary?
Yes I am.
Captain Carlson's order.
Hey guys! Look what I've just found!
Well, enjoy the break because...
I don't think it's going to stay long...
Errh... guys...
Oh, shit!
What's happening?
an isolated group of paratroopers was dropped in the south of Vierville,
they missed the drop zone, we need to establish the junction,
that is "what's happening"...
Sergeant, the sun rises, we should go on.
Get up, let's go.
Take your stuff and we're gone.
Damn it...
Hey Flanagan, will you take your fucking stuff!?
Well, tell me guys,
what will you do after the War?
You, Harrisson?
I want to go to the Texas,
to marry a beautiful girl,
and my dream... to build a ranch!
Ha! At least you've got ideas!
And you James?
Personnaly, I first want you,
to come back.
After that, I'll come back to Brooklyn and, I don't know yet...
And you moron?
Me, I want to come back with my Martha,
and make some babies!
And you Flanagan?
Really, I don't know yet...
But, first of all, I want this war to end...
End of the breaktime, we should go on.
Okay guys, in this area, shut-up and keep your eyes wide open,
Germans are everywhere
Ashore! On the ground!
Ok, he must be one of the men,
the whole group must be nearby.
Yep! And 30m away,
there is a MG-42!
What do we do?
We will seek the para by crawling,
and silently.
Listen to me guys,
we will crawl silenlty, up to the para's position.
Well! Let's go...
Glad to see you! Officer Nelson.
Sergeant Mc Reary, we're here for the junction.
And where are the others?
I don't know at all,
my squad had been dispersed and I was dropped here.
Okay guys,
Let's come back silently,
we take Nelson!
Let's go!
Einrich, Americans!
They're coming! They're coming!
Shit! Nelson, you failed!
What do we do?
Take that! Grenade!
They're reloading!
Got them!
Damn it, don't do that!
Grenade! Grenade!
Cover me guys!
Move your shots!
Let' go back home man.
Sniper 1hour, 300 meters!
We had to do it...
Somebody had to do it...
We did it...
Courage men.
He is the story,
the story we've lived,
with Harrisson and Nelson.
The story of those two soldiers,
who died for their men.
Every day, I beg god for their peace,
and thank them of having saved my life,
and my friends'ones...