Mitt Romney's Family Kidnapped by Cartel (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 7/7)

Uploaded by vice on Sep 25, 2012

MITT ROMNEY: I think marijuana should not be
legal in this country.
I believe it's a gateway drug to other drug violations.
The use of the illegal drugs in this country is leading to
terrible consequences.

SHANE SMITH: Now we all know Mitt Romney's stance on drugs,
but it was interesting to hear Kelly's thoughts on the drug
war, considering it affects him every day.
KELLY ROMNEY: To me, this used to be the most peaceful place
in the world.
I used let my kids go to [SPANISH], go to the shows, go
to dances, go to parties.
But now you keep a close watch.
And it all has to do with the drug
violence that has started.
When they started the war on drugs, the
violence just escalated.
Most of the problems that we have around
here are drug related.
And there's been some kidnappings and some killings
from drug related things.
SHANE SMITH: Have there ever been any Romneys kidnapped?
KELLY ROMNEY: Yeah, my brother was kidnapped three
years ago in May.
I think they kept him for two days, took him to a cave up in
the mountains.
We paid a small ransom.
It wasn't a lot.
They were mainly punks.
They weren't really professionals.
SHANE SMITH: And most of the weapons that are here in
Mexico are illegal weapons.
And most of those illegal weapons are
coming from the states.
Fast and Furious, I'm sure you've heard about that?
SHANE SMITH: Now, the Fast and the Furious scandal he's
talking about refers to a case where the American government
gave thousands of guns to the cartels in
order to track them.
Then they proceeded to lose track of them until they
surfaced again in the murder cases of American agents.
KELLY ROMNEY: What, they think that we're going to be able to
keep control of them or keep track of them?
I don't know what in the world they were thinking sending all
those weapons to Mexico.
SHANE SMITH: And the Fast and the Furious scandal is just
one of many that have seriously embarrassed the
American government.
Now, perhaps, Mitt's hard line stance on issues like guns,
immigration, and drugs becomes more clear.
Because even though his father was born in Chihuahua, Mitt
surely must want to distance himself from the region,
because the region is totally fucked up.
And it's not the first time this has been the Romney
strategy, either.
When his father ran for president, both his
citizenship and his Mormon colony's polygamist roots were
called into question.
And his run for the White House didn't last too long.
But Mitt Romney has to deal with his family's polygamist
past, kidnapping, drug wars, and in the extreme case of
Ervil LeBaron, crazy Mormon blood atonement.
Now, having close familial ties to all of this shit does
not a good presidential candidate make.

Being on the front lines of this, what do you think are
some of solutions to these problems?
KELLY ROMNEY: Looking at it from a perspective of someone
living here, we say, well, why don't they legalize it in the
United States and cut out all of violence in Mexico?
KELLY ROMNEY: As long as you have the swimming pool over
there, this is going to be the diving board.

SHANE SMITH: So as we began our long drive back to the
border, I had lots of time to think about what
we'd seen in Chihuahua.
I thought about the LeBarons and the war against the
narcos, the kidnapping and murders, and the length they
have to go to protect themselves every day.
I also thought about what Kelly Romney had said about
the US being the swimming pool and Mexico being the diving
board, and how similar all this is to America's history
with outlawing alcohol.

So we're just approaching the border here back into America.
Feels like about a year has passed since were here last.
As we were driving here from Chihuahua, I was thinking how
prohibition in America led to the rise of the mob, the Al
Capones, the Lucky Lucianos.
Our war on drugs, our prohibition against drugs, has
caused the same thing.
You see it down here.
It's the blunt end of the hammer.
It's rule of the thug.
You have $200 assassins.
And as long as there's prohibition,
it's going to continue.
The war on drugs is a failure.
There have never been more drugs in America and they've
never been cheaper or better or higher quality.
And as we sat for hours at the border, waiting to get back
into America, I thought about the fact that Mitt Romney
might just be the next president
of the United States.
MITT ROMNEY: God bless America.
Thank you guys.
SHANE SMITH: Now, polygamy and kidnapping not withstanding,
if he wins, he's going to have some hard decisions to make
about decriminalizing drugs and fixing
our immigration problem.
Because if he doesn't, Mexico, his Mormon brethren, and
perhaps even his own flesh and blood are
going to pay the price.