Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Part 03/15 (Eng. Subs)

Uploaded by FilmyJosh01 on 21.04.2010

You are not following me? Are you?
I think you are following me!
This is where my office is
I work here
KFC is also here!
I love eating here
I asked just likethat
Are you saying you will buy for metoo?
So what do you do?
I am a program analystwith Polaris
Wait a sec! Let me just look at her... few more minutes
Biriyani? No, right? So give me chicken
On thewayto work?
No I am going to play cricket... coming?
Making fun ofme huh...
Is that so?
Why do you keep looking back?
If my dad sees metalking to you I am dead meat!
How old are you?
I'm 23
It's okay... you are younger than me...
If my dad asks me I'll say you are like my younger brother!
If he asks... if he sees...
What happened? You forgot something?
I don't wanna be your brother, Jessie
I don't either, I already have one... that's enough have a younger sister...
I will accept everyone in this world as my sister
here after...EXCEPT you!
'Cos I like you...
Felt I had professed my lovetoo soon
wanted to apologise... couldn't find her
Your 'love' is in Kerala
How do you know?
I was taking to her mom
Saw you going round and round the house...
She isn't here, goneto visit her granny
won't be back for a week
Even before my sister finished taking I knew I would go to Kerala
Some guys go to even America for their love...
why can't I go to Allepey!
Pleaded with Ganesh sir to accompany me
He agreed, under the guise of seeing location for his film
Actually he only spent!
With what confidence did we come here?
walking endlessly...
my knees have gone for a sixer!
my head is splitting...
atleast now call your sister
ask her to find out from Jessie's mom more details
Find some relevant clue
Have you comewith the idea of sight-seeing Keraa?
I will leave in two days, I have to start my shoot...
But guys like you will defenitelywin...
Jessiewill be yours...
Luck favours the brave
One smal correction...
What's today?
She's a Christian...
shewill definitely attend mass today
There are more churches than houses here...
How many churches will we go to?
Iet's go to all the churches...
How are you so sure shewill come only here?
Is this the only church in this place?
I have checked... this is the biggest church here
chances of her coming here are.....
Oh! this is Jessie!
How did you...too much!
You are humming the wrong song
This is from the film Bombay...
in which Manisha Koiraa is a Muslim
Love has only onetune
Music has only one religion...
To me it is ONLY Jessie!
In exactlyten seconds she will look at me!
Just wait and watch!
Hey! that's definitely expecting too much!
At the count of four... what did you do?
A 'missile' look?
Let's go out and wait...
I was going mad...
Maybe I confessed my love much too fast
I knew you would be upset
I came searching for you just to apologise...
Wait... I'll introduce you as my classmate
Kaaka Kaaka film's D.O.P
Who is this dear?
Granny, this is my friend...
Karthik, my classmate
He's your classmate? Looks older than you
You know enough Malayalam to be amused?
He is Karthik's friend
Childhood friend
Who is this?
Karthik my friend
Who are al these people?
Come home and have lunch
Show them the way
Are you sure? You want me to...?
Come, I'll take care
We cameto see one girl...
we end up meeting a churchload of her family
except the badie everyone is a six footer!
I cometo apologise sir...
and they cal us home for lunch!
Take care ofthis one... seems to bethe main switch!
come in...
Did you have difficultyfinding theway? problem
Are you a Christian?
I just asked simply
Many of Jessie's friends have come here before