Syrian missile forces executing a successful operational project using live ammo

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Translated by JaNo Souria (News About Syria - English)
under the leadership of president Bashar AL Assad.
and protecting its stability, and preserving the dignity of its people
and the watchful eye to insure its security
the symbol of national unity
Fence of the homeland and its fortified shield
assuring, that our army will remain as our people known them to be
pointed the importance of the constant readiness to execute any task appoined to them
The leaders of missile units and formations participating in the project
and the high efficiency they are known for
the accurate execution
and blessed the missile forces leaders
praised the presented efforts
Deputy Commanding General of the Army and the armed forces, defense ministry
Brigader General "Dawood Abdulla Rajha",
or attack its soils.
and deterring anyone wishing to shake its security
our missile forces ability, and its constant readiness in protecting the homeland
The fighters performance, in all the projects phases, showed
which is considered the first arm of our mighty army
in using the new missile ammunition
that insured the high performance that our missile men known for
and acheived qualitative results
as it hit it target accurately
aiming to test the missiles ability, and its readiness
in attacking any invasion our enemy might want to do.
in conditions similar to real war conditions.
Our missile forces executed an operational project using live ammo,
and qualitative results..
our missile forces, executed an operational project using live ammo.. accurately.
In the combat fighting plan for the year 2011