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Hi, my name is Paul Becker and I'm going to talk to you today about playing the blues
on the piano, some beginner intermediate even advanced information about the blues and I'm
doing this for Expert Village. In this segment I've already played some stuff for you but
showed how simple it is to construct improvisation for some simple. So let's just talk about
some of the licks so let's talk about some of the licks you've seen them already but
again this flatted 3rd you can go up to the G, E flat E G or E flat E C. Same thing E
flat G C now you take that same idea and combine it together with the chromatic 3rd E flat
F sharp. You can keep going up to the, so we have the flatted 3rd, flatted 5th, and
we can do it either in single notes or we can do it in pair of 3rds. We've also seen
you can flatted a little bit more we'll just add more which is a turn or a trail do it
on the 3rd or the 5th, so how might we construct a solo putting this together. (playing piano)
So what I'm doing here is going down a scale blues wise (playing piano) emphasizing those
7th and the flatted 5ths and the flatted 3rds, (playing piano) and you can do the same thing
going up I tend to throw the 6th in going up (playing piano) emphasizing the flatted