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Well hello, I'm chef Rob Stinson and this is Fit to Eat,
a new series about eating healthy and living better.
Mississippi is at the bottom of national studies
in health and nutrition.
Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and obesity
run rampant in our great state.
Well I am here to demonstrate how little
changes in diet can make a big difference in health.
Making those changes doesn't mean you have
to sacrifice flavor to get rid of fat.
Taking fresh, local ingredients,
I'm going to teach you how to make meals
that are healthy and delicious without spending a fortune.
And as always, you can find my recipes
with all the nutritional information on our website:
I've talked before about how poultry is
Mississippi's largest agricultural commodity.
But did you know that the poultry industry
employs more than 24,000 people today?
Today we are going to be making a grilled chicken
with a honey glazed cashew sauce that is absolutely
to die for as far as flavor.
And when you find out that
it has healthy components, it is a win win.
What we're going to do today,
it will be a split personality of dishes.
I'm going to show you how we can
do the dish with chicken.
But I'm also going to show you that this dish
could be made with a beautiful portobello mushroom
which is almost like a steak in and of itself.
This portobello mushroom, if made with this dish,
will turn it into a vegetarian dish
for those of you out there who
that is the style of food you like.
It's one of the things that I think is important
in our cooking.
There are so many different components
that could be changed if you really don't care
for one particular ingredient.
The topping and the sauce that I really love to make
for this dish is a seared sauce that has
Serrano peppers, jalapeno peppers, cashews,
a little organic honey.
We are going to talk little bit more about that
because there are great stories
and there are great healing properties in honey.
And a natural, local organic brown sugar,
garlic and some fresh apple cider
straight from Mississippi.
What could possibly be better?
We are going to get the pan hot and on this dish
sometimes I will have my pans so searing hot.
This is one that I'm not looking to have that pan
start off so hot because the sauce might caramelize.
By that I mean the sugar might find a little too much.
We will start with small amount of oil.
As you watch this series, you're going to learn
to drop down on the amount of oil
and butter that you cook with.
You'll virtually never see me use butter on this show
unless it's absolutely essential for the recipe.
So a little bit of oil.
What I'm putting in there, this spout will hold it
from being too dramatic.
That is actually less than half a teaspoon.
So about half a teaspoon of oil.
We will throw in our garlic.
We are going to put in about a teaspoon of garlic.
Now we are going to add in
these beautiful serrano peppers.
When you cook with serrano peppers,
it's about an ounce each, you want to be careful
not to be breathing directly over that pan
if you are not used to it because serrano peppers
have a real aromatic quality
and there is a serious spice to them.
These are peppers grown right here that
I purchased at a local farmers market.
We are going to add to that our jalapeno peppers.
This glaze is really a jalapeno honey glaze.
Lots of different names you can call it.
They are all delicious and the idea of it is
that when you are eating healthy,
put a little added oomph in there.
Have a little fun with it so that you can get
some good flavors and know that you
are not sacrificing taste.
Then we will get this moving around in the pan.
We are going to add in these beautiful cashews.
Why cashews?
Cashews are one of the healthiest nuts.
You can buy them at virtually every grocery store,
super store, farmers market and cashews will brown well.
They have a great nutritional value
and they are one of the better nuts for you.
I'm going to move this portobello to the side
for the moment so we can finish the sauce.
I will turn the heat up just a hair.
Now we will add in half of our cider.
You can see that is in a hot pan.
You will hear this fancy word: deglaze the pan.
The first days I had cooking,
I always heard these terms
and I never knew what they were.
I always felt dumb asking.
Well, there is no dumb question
when it comes to cooking.
So what deglaze means is to get all of the flavor
out of the pan into the sauce by using a liquid.
That's as complicated as it needs to be.
Now we are going to kick that heat down a hair,
add in this organic honey.
I told you there was a story about this honey.
That's about a tablespoon that we put in.
Local organic honey has a wonderful healing quality
for people with allergies because of the fact that
the pollen is caught by those local bees.
We are putting some lemon in, by the way.
The pollen is local so that if someone were to take
about a tablespoon of that pollen through the use
of the honey on a daily basis for two weeks,
you build up antibodies that will fight allergies.
I have to say that again.
I mean, that's just incredible.
Definitely you want to have some fun with that.
There are so many ingredients on this,
don't forget you can go to our website:
To get all of these particulars.
What we've done now is added in
that organic brown sugar.
We are going to mix it through.
I said to hold back on the cider.
We are going to add the cider in the pan.
It's starting to froth.
That is the caramelization of the sugar.
Now we will add in fresh squeezed orange juice.
If you can do it, it's always better that way.
That's about a tablespoon or one ounce.
That glaze is working perfectly.
What are we going to do with it?
We are going to move it to the center where I
do not have the heat on and bring it back
up to temp right before we put it
over the chicken or the portobello mushrooms.
So you've had a lot of fun so far.
One thing I haven't shown you is
I've got some cooked red potatoes.
I boiled them about 15 minutes
so they are basically cooked through.
We are going to take those potatoes,
cut them in half and put these on a baking pan.
Pop them in the oven with a little fresh diced garlic.
This is going to be a really nice,
light, healthy potato product for you.
Going to put that little bit of garlic.
That garlic will kind of caramelize in the oven.
You'll notice it has a great caramelization,
that crusty garlic.
That's all we need to do those so we are
going to take this directly to the oven.
I have the oven on high.
I've got it on 450°.
We will set our timer for about 10 minutes.
They'll come out just about the time our meal is ending.
We've got our glaze working right here.
We're going to move a pan up, get it hot.
Now our pan on the far right.
We are going to work on our turnip greens.
But first, let me come back to this portobello mushroom.
When you get a portobello mushroom,
this is a gorgeous portobello mushroom by the way.
Big, beautiful cap.
You can buy them.
It is exactly like eating a great steak
if you do them correctly.
But you can't eat the dirty gills that are inside.
So get a spoon.
This is just a regular kitchen spoon.
And we are just gilling-- in the restaurant,
we call it gilling the mushroom.
All we're doing is taking the gills out
because there is dirt in those gills at times.
Now you've got a nice, clean mushroom.
Pull some of that extra off, and that is it.
Look at that.
That is a beautiful perfect looking clean mushroom.
We've got our pan hot.
We are going to add again a touch.
If you can find a top for your oil like this
that keeps it from coming out so heavy at one time,
you will notice that your oil usage goes down dramatically.
And that's what this show is all about is trying
to train ourselves to know that we can cook healthier.
What we are going to do in this pan now,
sear our portobello mushroom on both sides.
And then we are going to pop it
into the oven with those potatoes.
It truly will be a wonderful dish to have
that glaze over just like we are doing the chicken.
Now with the pan on our right,
again light oil.
And we are going to sear our chicken.
Place it in the pan away from you so in case it pops.
It's hot.
That's what you want.
You really want to get that searing quality.
At this point in time, when your chicken is cooking,
your mushroom is in the pan,
we are going to start thinking about our turnip greens.
At this point, we are going to move
that mushroom into the oven.
It's going to work on the same timer as those potatoes.
So when the buzzer goes off,
we've got mushrooms ready and we've got potatoes ready.
Works really well that way.
I'm going to take this chicken.
The one thing you're going to see when we do
our turnip greens, were going to cook them
in the same pan so we have not used any additional oil.
So let's get our topping
and what goes with the turnip greens ready.
We've already got a tiny bit of oil in the pan.
What I have here are diced, dried, crisp bacon.
You don't want all the oil in the pan.
You don't want to cook in bacon fat.
So I've pretty much removed it all and that diced bacon
will go right into the pan along with a little
of our minced garlic, some diced onions.
This is all stuff that you would add in
to a long roasted turnip greens.
I didn't have any turnip root.
I used some of the green onion root which will add
that punch of flavor that we are looking for.
Remember, when you go to the store,
don't get disappointed if you can't find every
ingredient that you think you need for the recipe.
There is almost always going to be one more substitute.
Just a touch.
When you look through and you want to get that list
of what you need to cook, go to our website.
It's got everything there for you.
We are going to turn that over.
Turn our chicken.
The chicken looks incredible.
Our potatoes are baking.
You can already see that our onions
have browned to a degree.
Just to make a little space,
we are going to add that to the front of the pan.
Chicken is so wonderful.
It's incredible to think that we supply 10%
of the nation's broilers, those are the whole chickens,
from Mississippi.
That's just astounding to me.
Buying good local homegrown product while you are cooking
keeps all the preservatives out.
You really don't want to buy things that are loaded
with preservatives.
It's a beautiful way to eat.
Now, we are going to move this over.
Take just a touch.
So now a total for all of this food,
we've probably got a teaspoon and a half.
This pan is so hot.
These are turnip greens.
Everyone is probably familiar with them
and they are typically cooked for hours.
We are not doing them that way.
We are almost searing them to the point where they
are going to make a coating in the bottom of this pan.
I love cooking greens this way.
It's so different than the traditional way of cooking
them for hours until it's almost like soup.
So we are going to leave them in the pan.
You see I can even touch them and move them around.
Beautiful turnip greens from the farmers market,
by the way.
I'll get a plate ready because when this is finished,
everything is going to happen pretty quickly.
At this point, we've got our chicken breasts
to where we are going to bring it out, let it rest.
Turn our turnip greens.
I have fun with this with two sets of tongs.
You see how they've browned?
That's perfect.
They almost have a brown sear to them.
We are going to take all of the topping.
It's already got such a great aroma, too.
Put them directly on top of these turnip greens.
I'm telling you, this is a treat you will not believe.
Turn heat down until we are ready
to put our glaze back on.
Watch how easy this is.
There it goes.
Right on the pan.
I love this dish.
When you get to that crustiness that you are
going to find of the turnip greens,
it's got flavor that you just won't believe.
So now the tricky part is we're going to
take our chicken, put it into our glaze,
and then bring this back up to a temperature
so that the caramelization that we talked about--
And all that is is the sugar getting hot,
and the honey that's in there getting warm
and coating the chicken.
There we go, a little flame underneath.
We are going to watch this one really close.
I hate to say it, but there are some dishes you can
do ahead and you don't have to worry about.
Then there are other dishes that you really have to watch.
The only thing that we are thinking at this point,
we know we have our potatoes in the oven
and our mushroom.
But our turnip greens are perfect.
We are at a point where I do a little bit of maintenance.
Let's get all of this out of the way.
That organic honey is incredible.
Beautiful local oranges.
Again, we have such a great time- AH!
I heard it!
While I'm getting the potatoes out,
remember our website:
That's where all of these great recipes are.
The caramelization looks good.
Let's go back here.
I'm going to borrow a cloth.
It looks perfect.
I'm not sure which one I actually like better.
Let's bring our heat tray right over here.
What I would like to do is get a close-up so that you
can see how this portobello looks.
It still so meaty that right now we could place it
on the plate, covered with the glaze,
or place the chicken.
So let's have a little fun with this and just hold it
on the side because I really want the dish
to be made with chicken.
It's the one that you can get on the website.
I think you will enjoy it every bit as much.
You know, that talk about where we are as a state
with the agricultural production that we have
chicken is just fantastic.
In this pan you can see the bubbling is going on
to that caramelizing.
This is where you are really watching it close
because we are over the heat.
The idea is to turn your chicken.
We are not going to use all of the sauce over it.
So I will have a treat at the end.
We are going to take our potatoes,
place them right along the side
where these turnips are.
It's such an easy way to bake a wonderful,
healthy potato.
Portion wise, about two of the potatoes because we are
keeping this very low as far as carbohydrates.
The caramelizing is done on the chicken.
Let me show you how incredible that is.
That chicken goes right on top.
You got your turnip greens to the side.
Let's go ahead and get a nice spoon so we can spoon
that glaze with those cashews right over the chicken.
We're going to get just a little bit more that sauce.
I love this dish.
Look at all the color, too, from those serrano peppers.
Then we are going to take and put
a little touch of fresh yogurt.
You are saying you've got to be kidding me,
but we are going to put a little dollop of yogurt
on top of those hot baked potatoes instead of butter.
You think it will taste horrible?
You know what, until you try it,
you won't believe how good they are.
It is that good.
So then we are going to put our diced chives.
But I have to show you the trick.
This is the trick.
We're going to bring another plate out.
We are going to take some of our turnip leaves
without cooking just so you can get an idea
of the presentation and place these on the plate.
Then, yeah you guessed it, we are going
back to the same pan.
We are going to put our portobello mushroom in it.
If you recall, the only place we had any meat
in this dish so far was with the turnip greens.
So this dish with these portobello mushrooms
and this honey, cashew, jalapeno,
serrano pepper and all the great stuff that's in there
will go with that portobello mushroom
and some people might actually like that better
than they like the chicken.
But I think they are both fantastic.
We are going to take an extra bit of time here,
caramelize this portable mushroom with the same sauce
so that when everything is said and done,
you got a beautiful dish.
Let's clean this plate a hair here.
I love the way that this is looking.
That dish is just great.
Portobello is finishing on the side.
I even put on our website:.
The substitution you can do
with the portobello mushroom versus the chicken.
Don't forget, on that website you've got
all the nutritional information stores carbohydrates,
fats and it will show you what a difference it's making.
That's half the fun.
When I cook in a restaurant,
one of the biggest focuses that people have today
is how can we cook healthy.
What can we do to change our focus so that
everything we are doing is a healthier mode?
I really do believe you buy local,
you get rid of the preservatives
and you have such a fun time doing this.
The pan searing of these turnip greens
with the potatoes, what a wonderful change.
When you eat food that is light and healthy,
it's just a better way to feel the next day.
You are not feeling so full.
Portobello takes a hair longer.
Right now, it's about finished.
So hold this on the side.
Heat our pan on the other side.
And do a couple more of these potatoes.
I'm going to slice these and sear them
and just garnish the side of the Portobello.
So now you can see.
Let me get my tongs.
Trying to add a little pizzazz to this dish
as a vegetarian lovers dish.
This is really kind of a fun idea.
You can have a dish made mainly for your children.
You can have a dish made that is perfect for vegetarians.
Let's take that portobello mushroom
and put that beautiful glaze.
It looks so good.
Right over the mushroom sitting with the turnip greens.
I think the key in cooking for vegetarians
is to realize it's the same principle.
It's healthier, but you don't want to sacrifice flavor.
Second that's where we are on this.
Let's go ahead and get those seared potatoes,
put them on the side of the plate.
We are going to leave the garlic off of this batch.
Just do them a little bit lighter.
And again, you've got to try using other products
instead of butter if you really want to make a go at this.
I know some people say, I just really don't like yogurt.
When you put it into a dish where there is entrée flavor,
it's completely different.
What's so great about this is you got two great dishes.
The chicken with cashew, jalapeno,
serrano, garlic, our turnip greens,
beautiful roasted potatoes with a little garlic
and look at how pretty that dish is.
To me, you eat with your eyes and I think it's
every bit as important when it comes down to it.
Just remember, you can find all my recipes
with all the nutritional information on the website,
I'm Chef Rob Stinson and thanks for watching Fit To Eat.
This program was made possible in part by:
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proud tradition that has been handed down for generations.
A safe, dependable source for food, fiber and timber.
Mississippi family farmers help feed your family
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Through best practices and modernization,
Mississippi farmers continue to be good stewards
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affordable source of food well into the future.
The farm families of Mississippi.
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