Drive Angry - Trailer

Uploaded by filmisnow on 22.10.2010

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Today's movie is: Drive Angry!
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Directed by Patrick Lussier, the action movie Angry Drive tells the story of Milton,
a man who’d do anything to find people who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.
The main character of the movie is played by Nicholas Cage,
together with the beautiful Amber Heard.
The film will be released in the U.S. coming February 11, in 3D.
You might remember Rhys Ifans in the role of Hugh Grant’s wacky roommate in Notting Hill,
or you may have seen his face in the gossip magazines in 2007
when he was the ugly boyfriend of Sienna Miller.
Well now Ifans returns in the role of the Lizard,
one of the bad guys in the next Spiderman, directed by Marc Webb.
There will be also Andrew Garfield in the role of Peter Parker
and Emma Stone in the role of Gwen Stacy.
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