WHITE PEOPLE VS. THE N-WORD! @JohnFugelsang / Caffeinated #19

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So I was reading about this woman in California who bought some property by a stream. She
was shocked to find out on a county map that the name of the stream was N-Word Creek.
It’s embarrassing for me to say N-word but I’m not going to use the actual epithet
for reasons I’ll get to in a second. But that was the real name! N-Word Creek! Like
it’s Lil Wayne’s bluegrass band. Now this woman, Gail Smith, tried to get the name of
the creek changed. And the county did change the name to Negro Creek. Ms. Smith learned
the black miners in the 1800s would pan for gold there, she said “why don’t we call
it Black Miner Creek?” But the all Caucasian Nevada County Board of Supervisors refused
saying Negro was not an insulting term and the name stands on maps to this day. Now there
are many offensive place names in America but it turns out that for maps there are only
2 words our Federal Government has officially outlawed. I’m gonna tell you the other one
at the end, for now I just want to talk about the N-Word. Because the N-Word can teach us
an awful lot about white people. First, on the left, we heard last year the publishers
of Huckleberry Finn was removing all 219 usages of the N-Word because nothing takes the edges
off the horrors of slavery like racially sensitive inclusive language. So now kids can read about
how Jim is shackled and beaten and kept as human live stock, but no one ever calls him
any bad names. To make it worse, instead of him being called N-Word Jim, which Mark Twain
deliberately did to show the ugliness of human bondage, he’s now called Slave Jim. And
I’m like slave what? And they’re gonna do this with all your favorite rap music,
you think I’m lying but you’ll see. Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but
she ain’t messin with no broke slave. If you’re feeling like a pimp slave go and
brush your shoulders off. I was doing a TV show once and I referred to Naomi Campbell
as an outrageously beautiful black super model, producers said to me “Hey can you like not
like call her like black, cause black is like offensive and people don’t like like like
it? Can you call her African-American?” And I said “But she’s like, British”.
Now on the conservative side there’s plenty of cool people too. But of course yes you’ve
got your bigots too who still love to say the N-Word. What’s fascinating isn’t the
white people who say that word but the right wing people who are really mad that it’s
become socially unacceptable for them to say that word. Take if you would, America’s
sweetheart Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dr. Laura was on the air with an African-American caller
and used the word 11 times in 5 minutes. She actually said “I don’t get it, if anybody
without enough melanin says it’s a horrible thing but when black people say it, it’s
affectionate, it’s very confusing.” 11 times in 5 minutes on the air! Suge Knight
offered her a 6 album deal for Death Row. Elizabeth Hasselbeck got all tizzied up about
this on The View. “How can I tell my children I tell my children not to say these words
when rappers get to say these words and Whoopie won’t stop saying this word. My children
will say ‘Mommy why can’t I say these words?”” What are we going to tell the
children? Certain white people have a really hard time accepting the concept that there
might actually be something in this society that they’re not allowed to do. This country
my friends has had 400 years of Caucasians telling black folks what they can’t do.
You can’t keep your language, you can’t marry who you want, you can’t keep your
religion, you can’t go off the plantation, you can’t be free. Okay you’re free but
you can’t vote. Okay you can vote but you can’t sit here and you can’t use that
bathroom and you can’t eat at this lunch counter and you still can’t marry this white
person. And in 400 years African-American’s have asked white people not to do one thing.
Don’t say that one word. Is it that hard white people? Just let the word go! White
folks took rock and roll away from them let them have the N-Word. But there is always
going to be the angry Caucasian who can’t stand that they’re deprived of the freedom
to say this one nasty word. And that’s the beautiful irony my friends, we’ve finally
reached the point in America where the N-Word makes the racists feel like they’re at the
back of the bus. Oh and the only other word banned by the US Government is a very disgusting
bigoted awful term, “Jap”. Pardon me for saying it out loud because it is very deeply
offensive to certain women from Long Island. We wanna know what you think so please subscribe
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