Onko Chishin Chapter 5 The Eye

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I once read about a tattoo artist from Osaka, Japan.
It was the most impressive work I'd ever seen. It was made by Horitsune II.
I wrote, we got acquainted, and now, five years later...
...I'm back in Japan for the fifth time to visit Horitsune.
This time not only to finish my backpiece...
...but also to work, travel and visit colleagues.
I'm Rob Admiraal, a tattooist from Amsterdam...
...with a special interest in the Japanese style.
The Eye
The last day. How do you feel? - The eyes. He'll be doing the last bit.
Is that on your mind? - Yes, it is.
I want to be on time, whatever happens.
There is a saying that if you colour in the eyes last...
...the dragon in the drawing comes to life...
...and ascends to heaven.
The eyes give life and that's why we keep them to the last.
People who draw a dragon keep the eyes till the last.
So obviously the same goes for a tattoo.
It was only a small job, the eyes, but it had a terrific effect.
That was really cool.
The fact that the effect isn't used straight away...
...when the tattoo is still fresh...
...but that you have the patience to wait until the end.
That's great.
Cool, eh?
I was looking in the mirror, but only at the eyes. It's all nonsense of course.
Means nothing at all.
I can't see what you see. I look in the mirror at a mirror.
It's wonderful of course, but I can only show it to others.
I'm doomed to look into mirrors.
Or at a film, like you're making.
When all my unfinished tattoos are finished, I will have reached my goal.
I was thinking: how much does one finish in life?
I don't know, but it's really cool.
I never finished my education.
There's lots I didn't finish, but I did finish this.