Peinado Fiesta -Inspirado en Serena, Gossip Girl- (Party Hairstyle, Inspired in Serena)

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Party Hairstyle Inspired in Serena, Gossip Girl
Hello, how are you? I'm here to show you how to do a tie up.
It looks like this...
I have used this ribbon, but you can choose not to wear one. Let's see how we do it!
Let's see. First thing is to give our hair some volume. I already have a video explaining how to do this so I'll leave you the link ^^
What I'm going to do now is to apply heat protector evenly throughout my hair
The foam we applied to give volume protects us to certain extent but it's advisable to apply the protector
I'll wait a minute for the heat protector to dry
I will start making sections. I'll try to make them small to have many, as I want many curls
I will start making the curls. I will use this kind of iron and begin to curl all the small sections I've made
I will do all the curls always in the same direction (important)
Either if you make them on the right side, or the left side of the head, they will go in the same direction
If in this side I turn "that" way, on this other side I will also turn "that" way
I take the lock, close and turn, slide down...
You will get a curl like this. Let's take another small section...
Close, turn and slide down slowly...
I turn the iron almost one whole turn
so I will get a well-defined curl
I will help shaping by giving the last touch manually
As you can see the hair shrinks quite a bit
And here, I will turn to the same way I turned previously on the other side... I close, and instead of turning backwards, I turn frontwards
I will continue to repeat the procedure. The lower part would look like this. I will now continue with the upper part
In this section I will continue to do the same, curl curl ; ) I close and turn backwards
I you observe that the curls loosen up, you can apply hairspray directly. In my case, I apply it at the end, as it holds nicely
Close, turn, slide...
I will continue to curl the rest but remember to leave the two front locks, ok?
But the rest, I will continue curling in the same manner
Doing sections
The two front locks I will put aside and keep them for the end
Now, I will look for one lock from the lower part. For example, like this one, alright?
I will do a plait (or braid in the US) with this lock
I have here the three ends and will now procede to make a common plait
Finished the plait, tie it up at the end and for the moment, will leave it here.
What I'm going to do now is to tie up the hair backwards with hairpins
I leave this front locks and all the rest will be moved with the fingers to the back
I will now place a couple of hairpins
So it will hold the desired position
I will place them back "here"
I will now grab the plait and will use it as a diadem, crossing it to the other side...
I will secure the plait with a hairpin at its end
It's not very important how it looks now
and will continue to pin the plait throughout the extension to secure it
We will now place the hairpins inside the plait
We will place the hairpin in the plait and hold it down (I'm not sure this will be seen)
And placing it under the plait, the pin is now invisible and the plait is well secured.
I will continue to do the same throughout the plait...
I will leave it like this for the moment and later will fix it
The two hairpins I used previously to fix my hair at the back, are now removed...
What I will do now is to tie up to the root the curls I made previously
What I do is grab hairpins and will get hair sections and when I find a look I like, procede to pin down the hair
This is how it looks. I continue to grab some more locks...
I will turn the lock a little bit with the hand. Remember to turn it in the direction we made the curl...
Like this...
And now will hold it up with hairpins...
I get the hairpin, "stab" the curl and hold it down... so the pin will be invisible
Alright? Like this
Now I will grab this side... turn it some times in the curling direction
And when I feel it's well placed, I pin it down
Normally, if you place the hairpin just in the place you are holding with your fingers, the shape is kept
So in we go and pin it down
I curl the remaining locks at the bottom together
Like this...
And again, will place it upwards
Like this... and place a couple of hairpins so it will be well secured
This is the look you would achieve in the back part
Now you could apply hairspray if you feel it may loose form, but I will do it at the end
This would be the final look
I will now untie the plait (I tied it previously with a band at the end)
I hold firmly with the fingers so it won't fall apart
and will now fix it with a hairpin instead...
to secure it...
This would be the look
Let's go for the fringe
I will comb it with the line slightly to one side, like this... and will now give it some shape with the iron
I will just turn the iron slightly... like this...
I will repeat once more
This isolated lock, I will place it at one side...
The rest will be placed behind my ear...
Like this... and now will repeat the procedure with this other lock
I will give it shape outwards...
Now you can leave it as you see, or place a ribbon or any kind of ornament
to add a touch of "charm"
You could, for example, place it in this manner...
Tie it up and let the laces gracefully fall down the shoulders on the front or at the back...
I would do a knot here...
I would leave the laces at the back for example... you can do it with a thinner or thicker ribbon... your taste
colour... or ornament you can think of (be creative!)
I will leave it like that then ^^
So! This is it, I hope it will be useful for you. I will show you one more time...
Well! As always, thank you a lot for watching me and see you in my next video! ; ). Bye!
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