Dr. Pillai's Online Path of Miracles Course: Core Teachings

Uploaded by DattatreyaSivaBaba on 30.01.2008

Hello. My name is Gina Guerrieri and I have been teaching meditations with the blessings
of Dattatreya Siva Baba for five or six years now both in New York City and through an online
course. Through teaching his teachings to many hundreds of people, the question that
keeps coming up is Datta has so many teachings; where does one begin and how do we organize
it? So that’s what I am here to ask you today, Datta. Can you please explain? Well
the teaching has been changing that’s why there is so much material out there, even
on the YouTube there are more than 150 or more video tapes. What I recommend is there
should be some techniques like ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ and others to remove karma and the
some techniques on manifestation and these should become the basic meditations and of
late I have been talking about miracles especially for this year so we need to create miracles
on a daily basis and there are techniques for that too; techniques for instant manifestation
and that is going to happen only through miracles. The most important is a structure and that
should be created not by me but by people like you because I just move on and I just
give out things and move on. I am not going to sit down and structure a program but although
I know that it is very important for beginners to follow a structured program; what to do
on daily basis. There are several things I have spoken about, even the energy of the
day has to be taken into consideration, and there are rituals that I have given out. All
these have to be structured so you and the other people who are involved can get together
and structure a program. What I want to see is a program on miracles. Say by the end of
the year we should have created miracles in the lives of people and that I want to do
as I have mentioned in one of the videos that I did recently, that I want to do silently
by not teaching. The teaching part has to be organized by people like you and a structured
program should be in place. Since I have put this in my mind; this will happen. It will
take some time to organize these things but it can be done. Namaste, after this video
was recorded I spoke to Datta about the possibility of creating a program for people who are completely
committed to allowing his teachings to completely change their life. This program will include
the fundamental teachings Datta has put out into the world. The program may include weekly
teleconferences with approved teachers of Datta, chanting calls, daily reminders, weekly
lessons, and a message personally from Datta per month, online community support and question
and answer forums. Now the intention of program is to create support and structure for people
that would allow you to create a meditation and manifestation practice that is practical
and consistent. Now I have been a student of Datta for nearly 8 years and I can assure
you that the teachings absolutely work as long as you use them. So the trick is to use
them on a consistent basis and that would be a key purpose for this program. So Datta
would like to take a survey to see how many people are actually interested and seriously
committed to joining such a program. If you are interested please go to the sivababa.org
website and enter your email address there. If we do not receive enough interest there,
it is most likely that this program will not be created, so if you are interested please
go to the sivababa.org website and enter your email address to receive more information
about a new path of miracles program. The website is si va ba ba .org and enter your
email address for more information about a new path of miracles program.