Dreamhack Summer 2011: overview area tournament

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 20, 2011

Hello everybody, I am starting yet another
DreamHack area overview and I am sorry for a short delay.
Everything happening there is just unreal –
regular delays, technical issues, we are changing computers.
So let us start.
As you remember last time entrance was there.
Here are our fans –“Hey”.
We pass Dream Arena entrance which we will visit later.
Here is a stand of some company, the
language is unknown and there are some
drawings which I cannot understand as well.
This is a queue.
This room is closed because last year
people were even sleeping there.
This is a bar where you can have a snack,
drink beer and eat some burgers.
There are restaurants on both sides
but everyone drink cola and eat burgers, nothing interesting, as always.
The concept of DH haven`t change – venue,
gaming zone is almost the same, they just moved gaming area.
Thank you.
This is a small SteelSeries stand, these guys are funny and they cast different nonsense.
We are Na’Vi, say “Hi”. “Hi”.
Say Na’Vi in Swedish.
I don’t know. Sorry,
excuse me.
There is League of Legends tournament with
100 000$ money prize and a lot of people watching
it here. There were 180 000 people watching
LoL stream, it is worth considering.
A stand with some stuff real life stuff, guys a
re promoting sports here.
Girls, girls, dunno what is that.
Here we have crazy gamers, you can smoke and rest near.
I think these are very aggressive chicks.
By the way this LoL tournament is organized by ESC.
This man on the left is Carsten. Say “Hello”!
He organizes all ESL tournaments and here we see ESL team filming this tournament.
These guys are DH staff, say “Hi”. “Hi”.
This is Coca-Cola Zero, here we can see
some racing and some sports activity.
We pass further, Na’Vi arrived on this truck. “Hey” “Hey” “What’s up?”
Kids are crazy here.
This is Alienware stand, you can just sit by
one of these powerful computers and play.
By the way, DTS were playing in this zone the day before.
This is LoL stream, Joe Miller streaming
and this is something new for me.
Great action.
We approach to the most “delicious” part.
This is Complete stand – the biggest computer and digital shop in Sweden.
This is Logitech stand and Battlefield 3. Let`s go!
Gaming zone. StarCraft is played here.
White-Ra is going to play soon – he is configuring everything. His opponent is Moon.
This is SK-squad manager, on his left sits Tarson.
It’s pretty crowded here.
This is Counter-Strike team of fnatic. “Hey, Harley, how are you doing? Bad?”
“According to the results? Maybe you will have better luck next time”
“Yeah, but we still will make it “
“Hope so. Good luck”.
Here is an admin who scheduled our restarts.
As we move further, you can see another stand with crazy gamers.
This is the place where we will play today,
some fans already gathered nearby.
“Hey, ceh9, how are you?”
“Not really good”
“Hey, markeloff, what’s up”
“Oh, hello sniper”
“Is he your friend?”
“Don’t offend him”
“I obey, my white master”
mTw sits on the other side, they are very
serious and you`d better not mess with them
It`s darker here
“Feel the power of the dark side”
These are guys from rakaka
“Hey guys”
“Oh it`s one of supporters from HTLV.org – Pus”
“How are you?”
“I’m a little bit tired”
“I think that you are exhausted, you`ve been here all day”
“Yeah, I was at qualifier and late at night like 4 am”
“You will be sitting here for 4 hours more at least”
“At least, probably till late night”
“You thought about it?”
“Yeah and I’m not looking forward to it”
“Hope it will be interesting”
This is DH little hall, it is very small,
people play different games here:
LoL, SC2, HoN, WoW, whatever you want.
Some action going on in SC2. Counter-Strike.
You can buy drinks here.
Oh. Here is a great man
“How are you?”
“You did it bro, you finally proved them who’s da boss”
“Of course”
“The party went well”
“Ok, bro, good luck”
There are a lot of small stands:
Qpad stand, zAAz intelligently showing one of her fingers.
Do you know what does it mean in general?
Guys form fragbite.
And here is a little store, where you can buy different gaming devices.
People will sell you cool devices for a big sum of money.
Space Invaders… Woohoo!
This is simple, this is youth.
How do you play in this game?
“One on one? Do you wanna fight?”
“Hmm, we are losing in the groups, I need to go back”
“Good luck, good luck in the matches”
They play badly in their group-stage,
they are a little bit disassembled.
Fire laser, one player. Have you
seen what I did? Aaaah!
Here, you wanna play?
That’s hard to film and play at the same time
“What’s up?”
“There is …”
“Hope so”
This is chaos.
And it was Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovsky, see you soon.