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I had to look for accommodation a couple of times.
On one occasion I was very new to the experience
and I needed accommodation
and a second time I was just looking for accommodation as an alternative
and I didn't end up getting accommodation the second time.
I had to look for accommodation twice
that was first when I came here
and then after one year.
When I started looking for accommodation I accessed
various different resources.
I started off on the internet and was looking at general websites
private websites like
and there are other websites like
real estate agents' websites
Then I discovered the UniSA webpage
which I hadn't seen before and found the rental database
which, without word of a lie, is an amazing resource
and is becoming such a useful tool because
it provides so much information with so many different properties
and is really accessible and also very useful.
Some of the sources which I would
reccommend to students would be the newspapers, the internet
and the rental database, which is...
which has a good source of information and also
provides a good range of prices
which students can actually look at.
When considering which type of property to select, well you have options
you have student hostels, student apartments
you have private rentals. It's important to keep in mind what you're looking for.
One of the major things that I considered
was the issue of price
and the issue of convenience.
I didn't want to be too far away from the university
so I needed the convenience to walk to the university.
I wanted that convenience.
So, if you are going to be studying at a particular campus, do you want to live near your campus?
If you're looking for work, where you might be working.
What your price range is, what type of accommodation you're looking for
and what you're willing to get out of the experience.
So, when choosing between hostels, student apartments
keeping in mind the price is really important, the location and
the security of the location. Also keeping in mind
if you are studying at different campuses
maybe more than one, the transport options.
But I know that it definitely is very useful to actually have a list
a physical list where you tick things off.
I used a checklist which was provided by the university
I found it on the rental database website
and I used that to actually help me look at the houses.
When I first move into a rental property
I make sure that I'm very clear with the landlord
on what's expected and what the resposibilities are.
Just so that I can make sure I look after the property.
I looked for the damaged things.
One thing is good, if you take photos
If it is a dated photo
if you can take it like that it's really good
and if something happens, you can claim that
it was there before I moved in.
Some people can feel like the landlord is somebody
you cant really ask questions to, but I think that's the opposite.
I think you should definitely be the one who's asking the questions.
That way you're very clear on everything and there's no doubt or uncertainty.
Once you build that relationship, that early trust
with the landlord, then it's easier throughout the process.
I think a landlord who you're friends with is more likely to help you out quicker
so it definitely is worthwhile becoming friends and making the effort.
Everybody should know about their rights
and obligations when they sign an agreement.
The tennancies branch actually does offer a website
which has a large range of information on there
and I think it's essential for every student to go on there to
find out what their rights and responsibilities are.
There's always an accommodation officer in the university
which you can go to and find out that information if you are not sure.
Living in share houses there are a lot of positives
and also things to be careful of.
I think they're great because they offer the opportunity
to be exposed to lots of different people.
You meet people from different countries, like first...
the people who live in my house are people from
China, Taiwan, Malaysia and India
So, you get to see people who live in different countries
and you make friends with those people.
It's a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends
but it's also a challenge sometimes
because you have people living in a small environment together
and because of the diversity it may cause some challenges.
It's really important what you... to tell them
what you want, what your rules are and what your principals are
and if you don't tell them it can make conflicts.
From the very start to be open and clear
to be accepting, to be tolerant
but also to make time to enjoy
the experience as well because you can gain a lot.
You can not only learn how to make new food from different people
or you can maybe even pick up a new language
and new traditions and customs, but you can also
gain friendships and gain long-term frienships.
So, I think it's something which poses a lot of benefits
and I think it's a really positive experience in most cases.