Ghost Stories from Japan #110: The Japanese Doll (with English Captions)

Uploaded by montecristo73returns on 06.07.2011

Ghost Stories: Collection of New Tales
This happened when I went to visit my aunt who I hadn’t seen in 5 years.
-Have you been fine? -Yes.
Oh, this is from mom.
Ah, chicken stew?
She knows I can’t eat this much.
Come on in!
Thank you!
You don’t come here often.
I was thinking you didn’t like me.
It’s nothing like that.
Of course, I loved my aunt.
It’s just...
Come in.
When I was little...
...I was awfully creeped out... that doll.
“The Japanese Doll”
My aunt prepared a nice, elaborate dinner.
I heard from her a lot of things about troubles of school and of old friends.
The bath is ready, so you can go on first if you’d like.
Thank you.
Ta-dah! Which bath salt would you like?
Oh, this one!
How sophisticated.
I’ll get it ready.
I couldn’t understand how my aunt being so kind and beautiful...
...could remain single.
But then...
...late that night...
Naturally, I thought it was my aunt.
Saki-chan. Saki-chan.
That’s not good. You have to keep it quiet.
Look. Come this way.
Later let’s go out to the front of the station.
They have stores and other things. It’s fun.
Say, aunt...
Last night...
Who were you talking to?
You said Saki-chan?
What was that?
It would be best...
...if you go home now.