Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Part 08/15 (Eng. Subs)

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Shall I go and tak to her?
Let us pray
Even now we can leave... Iet me know
Sir, She is happy sir
Iet's go
I told you this right then
I knew you would get affected...
Ifwe get up and go everyonewill see us
Sir, did they ask her if she is willing? They'll ask her first, right?
Haven't you watched films?
They will ask him first
What is it now?
After asking them both they will ask the crowd
I have seen it in the movies
Shall I raise my hand and object?
Roy Thomas...Do you willingly, whole heartedly take Jessie as your lawfully wedded wife?
Jessie...Do you willingly, whole heartedly take Roy Thomas as your lawfully wedded husband?
I want to tak to you... I don't want to get married
I don't want this as of now
She said she doesn't want this marriage
She has stopped thewedding
What are YOU saying sir?
Please make my dad understand
Jessie, what are you saying???
I'm sorry I don't know what else to do... I gave it a lot of thought but l
can't go through with this right now...
Do you understand what they aretalking?
Don't embarrass me Jessie
Is there someone else?
Dad, please! there's no one
Mr.Joseph, what is happening?
I'll tak to her
She has seen us sir!
There lS someone... that's why she is like this!
Are you asking me ifthere's someone else?
Even ifthere is...
you won't approve
This isn'twhy I caled thewedding off
Ifshe points a finger at us thats it!
No problem
I have a problem...I'll leave...
Please dad, I want to go home now
Wait! You know what you are getting us into?
You must come home and have dinner with us
It's mytreat for getting a 'first class' in MCA
There was only onethought in my head...
what awoman!
And she is worth dying for!!
Let's run away
They are hitting each other...
Iet's go stand hundred feet away and discuss
Now, sir do you know why I insisted on coming here?
I understand
I could see her face
Did you see the happiness on her face when she saw me?
If she had said there's a guy...
if she had pointed her finger at you...
they would have beaten us up
I just did a 'fast forward'
Now I know why she didn't tell us
But to say it here, now, you need real guts!
She has captured a place in my heart
Sir, where do we go now?
Don't know where my life is leading meto?
Are you saying crossroads of life?
Good philosophy
You will find a solution
When in doubt there's always a vehiclethat gives us a lift!
Let's get into this bus... you will find your answer
Your life is about to change
Looks likethe same church
Not looks is!
Has the bus taken awrong turn?
Her brother has spotted us
He is coming after us
He won't
Sit down...keep calm
You werethe one who said I'll find a new path
It's all messed up
I didn't think your path will change so soon
Now they will blame the girl... and us too
She didn't even know our plans
It's al gone haywire
What do we do now?
Let him come...
I am awell-known cameraman... I'll handle it
They will let us off
They will smash us...not let us off
Stop the bus!!
Stop the bus!!
Looks like a scene from thefilm 'Thirupachi'
In two seconds your 'brother-in-law' will be inside
How will you manage?
We have come to see location, not his sister
What are you doing here?
Isn't he Jessie's classmate?
He had come home for lunch, the last time Jessiewas here
Theywere there in the church,
I was the one who ushered them in
Get down
Why should we get down?
Fiine...You go first... wewill get down...
Why should we get down sir?
You get down
Let's get down and convincethem
Things will only getworse, sir
Brother, we have come here to see location
You and your ******* location
Hit him
Hit your 'brother-in-law'...he hit me
I'll handlethe police
They arethe ones who stopped the wedding
See...what they've doneto my cousin
Now I haveto speak in Malayaam!
Of al the girls in the world why did you fal in lovewith Jessie?
That's exactlywhat I'm aso thinking
You said you will give your life... Iooks like it's going to happen
Anyway one day we all have to die
She is worth it, sir!
Two things I hate in this world... hospita and police station
Now we are here...
Tomorrow they will drive us to court...
Tell mewhat your plans are?
If Kodambakkam gets to know this...
that's it...I might as well die!
-Sir -What?
Her wedding has been called off, sir!!
There isn't anyone else... itwas a liewhat I said in the church
Why did you cometo the church, Karthik? Was it for me?
Ifl decide something it's a hassle for you, right?
Then why am I here... you decide whatever you want
Dad! They are here, Karthik and his friend
He has come here before claiming to be her classmate
They were in the church
That's why she behaved like that
They might have planned to elope... I didn't know exactly
Where arethey now?
I have booked them under a false complaint
They hit your cousin Sunny?
When did they come here? How did you even let them in?
Is Karthik in the police station?
Have you ever understood me, Jerry?
If I had wanted to elope, I would have done it long ago
There's no connection between
me stopping thewedding and Karthik being there
I didn't even know hewas there
I saw him onlywhen I was walking out
Dad, please bring him out of the police station immediately
What did Karthik do, ma?