Hamza the Particle Physicist

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Hi guys,
Oh goodness, he's at it again! Despite his humiliation at the hands and wit of Prof Hoodbhoy
when it came to physics, Hamza still thinks he can tackle complex topics, when it is abundantly
clear that his brain is more at home thinking about flying mules, making humans from clay
and talking ants and not gravity or other natural forces. Talk about delusion.
When a little boy dons a cape and pretends he can fly, it's cute.
When a grown man does the same, it's horribly embarrassing and simply pathetic.
Let me ignore this pronunciation mistake. But it shows from the start what he knows
about this topic: nothing
Science does not concern itself with gods, regardless of which one.
Science does not make stuff up using invisible and super-natural beings.
Science does not rely on Superman, but old-fashioned good old work. Using the brain.
An unfamiliar concept for Hamza, I know, but that's how stuff happens in this world.
Science has nothing to do with theists or atheists. It is neutral. Do I detect a trace
of envy when he says the words: internet warriors? Like atheists own the internet? What a childish
And why does Hamza presuppose that only atheists work at CERN?
Why can't a Muslim work at CERN? Does Hamza prohibit any scientific development for Muslims?
Does he maintain Muslims are incapable of working there? What about Professor Jimal
Why does he waffle so much about atheists and how atheists "don't need god anymore"
because of the Higgs field? It's been around since the 60s. It's what makes science so
great: it was a prediction by Professor Peter Higgs and it has taken until July 2012 to
actually demonstrate he was probably right with his scientific prediction.
No god, no superman, just a human who has real knowledge and works with his brain. And
just as an aside: nobody but the media has claimed the existence of the Higgs boson or
"god particle". Only a particle with the properties, characteristics and behavior, a Higgs-like
boson was found, which requires more verification. So Hamza's video is a total overreaction.
But then again, what do I expect?
Who is clutching at intellectual straws? The God-particle is a hyperbole, just like my
riding a bike at the speed of sound. Except that without the Higgs mechanism, the Universe
and everything with it, would not exist.
Does Hamza have any clue what the Standard Model consists of? Does he have any idea how
bosons differ? Could he explain why, if the Higgs mechanism provides particles with mass
through interaction, why are Photons, Gluons, etc excluded?
Why does Hamza not explain the difference between a boson and a fermion? Why does he
not explain how the existence of the Higgs field could have been the cause of the Big
Bang by breaking up equilibrium and symmetry? Why doesn't he explain that the Higgs boson
is just a previously unknown boson and only a fraction of the complete picture of the
building blocks that our Universe is made up of?
It looks as though he does not understand that humans are trying to understand the Universe
and what it consists of. Scientists are not at all interested in why it exists, just how
it exists. This research is getting more detailed and has determined that we know almost nothing,
even after 150 years of research.
200000 years of humans creating gods has not answered anything about how the Universe exists,
so humans today are doing the work. By establishing the existence of a weak force, which is determined
by the Higgs field which leads to the excitation of a Higgs boson and also, by what mechanism
other particles actually have mass, including the Higgs boson itself.
In particle physics there are so many different models and possibilities, that even being
able to confirm or exclude one is already a huge step. And being able to confirm one
of - or even the most elusive - element in the Standard Model so far is an immense achievement
the human race should be proud of.
Hamza obviously does not understand this. He's only worried about the gap of his god
being narrowed down even more.
No, the Higgs boson has no theological implications at all. Because it does not care about theology
or the implications of theology or what theology does to perfectly normal human beings.
And Hamza, it does not matter whether it is the early Universe or the late Universe or
just the Universe: that is the beauty of the Higgs field: it is there.
Who has ever demonstrated or proven that the Universe was "in a state" of "nonexistence"?
What is a state, which is non-existent? How can something non-existent have a state?
I swear I lose IQ-points every time I listen to that whining voice.
No, the Universe has never been proven to "begin". This is why what he calls "this",
meaning the research around the Higgs field, does not in any way even attempt to explain
or discuss why anything happened when it comes to the creation of the Universe.
No, not at all! Hamza's "this" does NOT refer only to the early Universe. All it does is
it brings us one step closer to understanding what happened and what did not happen, narrowing
down the possibilities.
Do all sub-atomic particles travel at the speed of light? Nope. How can they? Even a
short trip to Wikipedia could have saved him this embarrassment.
Does the Higgs field suddenly switch itself on? Where does he get this from?
Oh goodness no! It
is NOT the Higgs boson which makes up the Higgs field or what is responsible for the
Higgs mechanism. He is completely clueless.
No, nobody has empirically justified anything. What are you on about?
Let's hear what a real scientist makes
of this.
I wonder which atheist talks about this in connection with any god? Does Hamza think
his over-simplification and rambling about things he has no knowledge of fools anyone?
Why doesn't he stick to facts and the truth for a change?
Instead, he just makes stuff up pretends people think the way he thinks they think. Which
they don't.
What is the conclusion of an experimental physicist?
This breakthrough has opened the floodgates for further understanding and discovery, and
should help physicists in a number of exciting fields such as those of dark matter and dark
energy. It's a truly monumental day in history.
That is all it is, another step towards understanding, without prostrating on our knees or folding
our hands and reading in some old book full of superstition, demons and ghosts, but rather
doing some work and letting those brain cells do something useful.
Thanks for your time.