MiWuLa TV News Januar 2011

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 19.01.2011

Happy New Year and welcome to a new edition of the MiWuLa News.
In the past weeks, many new airplanes have arrived on the Knuffingen Airport.
We are delighted to present the Boeing 737 of Turkish Airlines
as well as the Boeing 757 of the Condor fleet.
Its colourful paintwork is a real eyecatcher.
Further machines are in development, such as the Antonov AN-124.
It will be equipped with fully mechanised tailboards.
Our mechatronics engineers have invested weeks of work
for the complex undercarriage of this model.
Another airplane is the Lockheed Super Constellation,
equipped with rotating propulsion units.
When the Knuffingen Airport opens, around 30 fully
operational planes will receive clearance for take-off and landing.
A recent addition is the new hangar for corporate jets.
It's full of little scenes and small machines.
Some already existing buildings are being refined.
For example with air conditioning
or with walkways as on the roof of the Radisson Hotel, true to the original.
For this building next to the Lufthansa Technik Hangar,
slidable doors have been implemented last week.
Motors and electronics are now fitted and programmed.
Also, the structural work for the base level of the terminal is completed.
This faithful reproduction has been in develeopment for months.
Our team is working diligently on the detail work for this terminal building.
Every airport needs a baggage conveyor belt.
Judith is manufacturing it out of various individual parts.
The proper seating,
and small monitors for the check-in personnel
are only some objects to be found at a typical counter.
Meanwhile, Nathalie is recreating some of the terminal's original venues.
Here, she is assembling a small bar.
It will be exciting to see the further development of the layout.
From construction plan to model: The Neuschwanstein Castle!
Like a puzzle, the castle is pieced together from individual segments.
Piece by piece, the building facades and towers emerge.
To make the model look true to the original,
about 2.000 parts made out of wood-pulp board are being assembled.
This material is 60% wood and 40% paper.
Up to three layers at a time are used.
Gaston makes sure that the electronics technicians
are still able to set up the wiring for the lighting.
We are looking forward to seeing the finished result!
The airport's fire department is expanding.
It will receive its own building and new operational
vehicles as well as personnel.
These firefighters can soon be seen in a drill
where they will be training for different firefighting operations.
Using compressed air and very light fabrics,
a water stream is imitated that adapts to various circumstances.
But more tests have to be performed before they are ready.
As of late, we are part of a remarkable trading project,
that we are following with great interest.
My name is Cornelius Lahme and I'm with the student initiative Weitblick ("Foresight").
We are present in nine German cities, and also in Hamburg.
We advocate equal access to education
and we build schools in West Africa and Asia.
We have built two in Benin and one in Cambodia.
The goal of this trading project is to start with a little puzzle piece
and trade it for something more valuable, which in turn is then traded again,
until the construction of a new school is accomplished.
We started with a small piece of a puzzle and
are now in possession of a skateboard made by Titus Dittmann.
Today we will trade this for a wagon in the Miniatur Wunderland
that will stay here permanently. Whoever trades for it,
may place his own personal design on it.
Today you receive a symbolic wagon for a train in the Wunderland.
This is a unique train, that you can't get anywhere else.
It will have its own branding in the Miniatur Wunderland.
I'm excited to see what you will do with it.
Me too, and I hope this will lay the groundwork to trade for the school.
Send all bids to: kontakt@puzzle-fuer-schule.org
Write to us at this address and present your bids.
The Weitblick initiative and the Wunderland would be
delighted to see a widespread participation.
Several new push-button actions are in development for the Airport Knuffingen.
One of the highlights are these moving crocodiles.
This is quite cute, because for the
veterinary station we have a few small crocs.
They are not just sitting there, of course, but they can...
They used to be these things
made for medical engineering, and are now used for our purposes.
Another small detail at airport are going to be these grafitti sprayers.
He's still spraying into emptiness,
but there will be a neighbour building.
We are going to implement a few monitors
and we'll have various slogans or messages
that he'll be spraying.
There are also other things going on on this roof:
A scuffle between two rivals.
As you can see - they have been drinking too much.
The scene is created by using magnetic technology.
This showdown will soon be set on a
warehouse near the parking structures of the airport.
And that's it for this month.
We hope you will have nice day or a pleasant evening.
See you next time.