Furniture Tipover Tragedies

Uploaded by USCPSC on 21.09.2009

[ Crashing sound ]
>> The last conversation I had with her was, "Good night, Mommy, I love you."
Five o'clock in the morning I woke up to the sound of the TV falling.
I did not know she was underneath it, so I called her name, "Jania,
Jania [assumed spelling], where are you?
And I turned around, and I just saw her legs under the TV.
You just don't think of televisions or bolting your dressers to the wall.
You don't think of those things.
They don't tell you to do that when you get out of the hospital with your baby.
You need a car seat, but they don't tell you when your child starts walking,
make sure your furniture's bolted down.
>> The majority of furniture tip over injuries occur in the home
to children five years and younger.
[ Crashing sound ]
>> Most devastating injuries that we see to children because of furniture tip
over are injuries to the brain, and also
when a child is trapped underneath a heavy piece of furniture and suffocates.
And the most important thing for parents to know is that most,
if not all of these injuries are preventable.
>> I urge parents to include securing TVs, furniture,
and appliances in their childproofing efforts.
Taking a few moments now to anchor and secure TVs, furniture,
and appliances can prevent a tip over tragedy later.
>> A television can be a child's best friend, but it can also be a parent's worst enemy.