Biology & Sports Science student Sam talks about her path to Kingston University

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My name is Sam. I'm in my second year
at Kingston University, doing an Honours degree in
Biology and Sports Science.
The route that I took into University
was a foundation degree because I didn't have the equivalent
A Levels for doing a full time degree at that time.
I got a pass so I am now persuing my full time Honours degree
in Biology and Sports Science.
As well as being a full time student, I am a
full time mum to four young boys.
Having children and going to University should not be
something you should be put off by.
Universities as well as Kingston University offer so much support
to parents and to families and the course directors and
the lecturers are quite lenient in terms of helping you
with your course work assignments and giving you
extra time should you need it - but don't use it as an excuse for
handing in your course work late!
Being the first person in my family to actually
attend Higher Education has also been an achievement
and something that I am happy and proud of and I hope that
my children will continue to follow through in terms of
their future careers. If you have questions you
would like to ask me , please do not hesitate to
contact me and I will give you the full honest
answer that I can do, because you know what....
University is something that you should not
be deterred by in terms of your personal
lifestyle or anything that you thing would be,
lets say, something that would be a
hinder to you, because University really hasn't hindered me.