Weird Science (5/12) Movie CLIP - Gary's Blues (1985) HD

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reminds me of my own trials and tribulations
as a young guy.
My folks really dump on me.
You guys get along with your parents?
I guess you guys moved out by now.
Uh, what's this, sir?
Drink it.
That's a very sweet thought,
but I really don't...
Until now.
See you guys in the emergency room.
Pretty lady,
what's a beautiful broad like you...
doing with a malaca like this?
It's purely sexual.
No shit.
She's into malacas, Dino.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
She's into malacas!
Do you believe that?
Ha ha ha ha ha!
You can say that again!
Fats, man, let me tell you my story, man.
Last year,
I was insane for this crazy little 8th-grade bitch.
Crazy insane?
Insane? Crazy?
I was nuts for the woman, man.
I'm tellin' the truth here.
I was nuts for the girl.
She had big titties.
She wouldn't have had to worry about no titties
for the rest of her life.
That's the truth.
I called her every night for like a month.
Every damn night?
Every night, Mitch.
On the telephone?
What's this boy talkin' about, on the telephone?
Explain it to him.
We know there's a telephone.
But he hung up on her.
The chick with those big titties?
You know what the bitch did to me?
Lay it on me.
She kneed you in the nuts.
She did what?
Bitch kneed your nuts?
Bitch kneed my nuts!
In the family jewels?
In the family jewels, man.
Broke my heart in two.
She broke more than your heart.
Forget that other one.
You got this fine jewel sitting by you.
Ain't that the truth, baby?
That's the plain truth!
Party's over.
Party's over, says the girl.