Pasadena City College's Math Path Orientation

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(female student) Math Path is the most amazing thing ever.
It's a program where there's two semester-long classes condensed into one semester.
(male student) Math Path is a program which you take two math courses in one semester, so you go double the speed.
(male student) Math Path is a intensive boot camp for math training.
You can go from, you know, simple pre-algebra all the way upto multi variable calculus
in the space of just a few semesters.
(male student) It's a program designed help students learn, not only the why of math, but the how.
(male student) Math Path is a chance to actually get the support you need to succeed at math.
(male student) You basically live, eat, and breathe math. That's all you do, so I would wake up in the morning,
and I would think all...only about math. I would go to class, and that's all I would do.
You can almost make an entire full course out of just doing Math Path,
and it really beats it in to your head until you can't help but learn it.
(female student) You're working every single day, trying to figure out, okay,
how do I learn this, like, how do I really understand this.
(male student) Math Path has a lot of homework, a lot of homework.
(male student) You're moving so fast sometimes that you'll get behind
if you don't really focus a lot of your attention before and after class on your studies.
(female student) There is a lot more of a collaborative focus, so like there's a lot more working in groups.
Students form study groups outside of class. Like, you're not just in it by yourself.
(female student) You get extra tutoring services and a really nice network of support.
(female student) You can interact with your teachers more than you would in a regular math class.
(female student) It's almost like getting another set of teachers outside of the class.
(male student) It''s a community. You form study groups. You make friends.
They...they help you push yourself to succed in math.
(female student) Math Path is a program where you sign-up for two classes that would usually take you a year.
However, you get them done in one semester, so for the first part of the semester, you'll be finishing one course.
By the time everyone gets to midterms, your having finals. And then after that, you continue with the second course.
By the end of the semester, you actually a year ahead.
(Jose Velasquez) Math Path is two courses in one semester. The first coure is 8 weeks.
If you pass the first course, you are able to take the second part, which is also 8 weeks.
Math Path is really hard, but it's also very rewarding.
(Bridgette Spencer) The number of units you take depends on your level of math.
You might be taking anywhere from 8 to 12 units, this all depends on the combination you choose.
(Tony Coie) Math Path courses usually meet 4 to 5 times a week. It will take up a lot of your time.
(Ronnie Yu) You'll be in a classroom 10 to 15 hours a week, and you need to attend every single class.
(Bryan Sanchez) You'll have one or, maybe, two Math Path teachers, depending on your Math Path combination.
(Jose Velasquez) You must meet the regular prerequisites to take the first course of Math Path.
For example, if you want to take Math 125...Math Path 125/131, you have to have tested into Math 125 or 131
or have successfully completed Math 402 or 400B.
(Tonie Coie) There's only one catch.
(Bridgette Spencer) If you fail the first course,
(Yesenia Ramirez) you cannot move on to the second course,
(Tonie Coie) and you will receive no credit.
(male student) If you fail the first course,
(female student) you cannot move on to the next course,
(male student) and you will not receive any credit.
(female student) I think the biggest advice I can give is not to overload yourself and focus on your math
because it is a lot of hours. It's a lot of work you have to put in.
(male student) I would advise you to only take Math Path because it is a lot of work.
(male student) A lot of people try to go in there thinking they can do 18 units along with Math Path,
and it's not going to work. You're going to end up dropping a lot of stuff.
(male student) Don't take extra classes. Just stick to Math Path.
(male student) If you got a part-time job, quit.
(female student) If you work outside of school,
you wanna make sure that its really...that it's no more than 20 hours a week
because you'll be spending 2 or 3 hours a day in class and then 2 or 3 hours a day on homework,
so if you are trying to do any more work that that, you're kind of in trouble,
so make sure you have the time to devote to it and that you don't get behind.
(female student) Definitely stay on top of your homework and assignments.
(male student) Keep up with the homework. Keep up with your study.
(male student) Study...right after class, and do all your homework.
(male student) You have to do your homework. You have to pay attention.
Otherwise, one day can cost it all, so you just gotta keep up with it.
(male student) You just gotta be dedicated. If you...if you dedicate yourself to this,
you'll get through it, and you'll...and you'll speed up your time here at community college.
(male student) You have to attend every class every day.
(female student) Use the tutors. They're there to help you.
(female student) Don't be afraid to ask questions.
(male student) Don't be afraid to ask questions.
(male student) Never be afraid to ask questions.
(female student) Math Path is more challenging than it is hard.
It's all about making sure you stay on track and you're grasping each and every concept.
(male student) It really is just the challenge''s a good way, kind of, push yourself,
and I think the study habits and the work ethic that I'm learning
from this program should carry over to other classes in the future.
(male student) The challenging part is not falling behind.
(male student) I remember having two tests in one week. Be prepared for that.
(female student) Don't do it unless you really have the time,
and you really have the will to do it because you don't want to put yourself in a position
where you are not going to succeed, so make sure you can do it.
(male student) You know I went through the orientation probably like some of you are going to go through,
and I sat there not quite, you know, over optimistically,
but confidently figured, okay, you know, there will be a lot of homework.
That's fine, and if that's the attitude you have, that's...that's cool,
but just be prepared to have to come through on...on that knowledge 'cause it'll test you; it'll test you pretty good.
(female student) Math Path not only makes you reach your academic goals faster,
but it also helps you in your...studying skills as a student
as you would have to demonstrate a lot more responsibility towards getting assignments done,
and therefore, you carry that onto your other classes.
(female student) It will prepare you for the quarter system at Cal State LA or at any other Cal States.
It'll train you to be able to handle workloads in small amount of time.
(female student) Because you can get through a lot of classes
and you get tons and tons of really good tutors to work with you.
(female student) If you want to work with other students, if you like a collaborative learning style more,
then you should take Math Path.
(female student) You'll defintely get over your anxiety and fear of math.
(male student) Math Path will give you the confidence.
(male student) You're going to learn logic and problem-solving strategies versus just memorizing formulas.
(male student) You'll make some great friends.
(female student) You will conquer math.
(female student) You'll conquer math.
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