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It's really fun and exciting to look back on it. You know like 2002.
You know I can't believe 2002. It seems like it was
a different century, not just less than ten years ago
But it's amazing this is SONY digital 8 Video I shot in the Riviera Maya when I was
down there with my kids.
I've shown it before because I still find the quality of the digital 8 videos amazing.
This is not high definition I stretched the video and made it fit and formatted it for HD
on YouTube
But it's digital 8 and this is part of the reason why
I got involved in SONY. I love the quality of SONY its reliability, its reputation.
So in 2003 when I wanted to get new equipment and learn how to use it
to inspire people to travel through videography, photography
there was no choice no other
option but to go with SONY. I mean SONY equipment was compatible and when I asked
before getting the equipment, around my work, people who had computers and were experienced.
What they could tell me about computing. The first thing they said that if you buy a camera
make sure it's compatible with your computer because they were having so many issues.
The computers were not reading the cameras. I know everything has changed now
but this is in 2002 you know like
in 2002 when my top of the line video editing
SONY computer ahd a120 gb harddrive
Not a laptop computer. This is a PC with a 120gb harddrive
And my first SONY digital still camera
top-of-the-line F717 had 5 MP resolution.
It's a different time. Eight years makes a world of difference.
But for me
starting out at that time, there was no other option than to go with SONY because I knew
all their equipment was (a.) compatible
and second of all. SONY had such a vast collection of
accessories from large capacity batteries to underwater cases,
shotgun microphones and other microphones. Lights, filters, lenses.
That's SONY was the choice and SONY 's computers
were configured for video editing. I mean it was just a no-brainer. Go with SONY and you're
not going to lose.
And even I,
approaching fifty could learn how to use it relatively easy
not to say that it was relatively easy is an overstatement because I tell you
because in the beginning,
I was really quite versed
I was versed in using the
system restore as I was having all sorts of problems but the point is
is that without any outside training without going to
school I bought a SONY
top-of-the-line computer and I leared editing, I learned videography, photohgraphy
It could be done - it can be done and that is so important for anyone out there, even today.
Because I know that there's people
that are put off by
new technology because they're afraid of it they're afraid that
it's going to be beyond something that they can handle. And I tell you
SONY is absolutely user-friendly.
It's amazing
The other thing that I can tell you about SONY
is that they stay
on top of
everything that is moving along. SONY is not your typical little
SONY's involved in music, hollywood
movie production, television show productions
They're involved in so many different things from still photography to videos
many of the high end
professional cameras used by
news organizations and hollywood studios are SONY cameras
they do know their business
and that for me is so important to know because Cindy and I now
put our cameras through
unbelievable torture.
I mean the poor cameras.
I'll give you an example - the first time I arrived in Cozumel in 2006
with this very same camera - the HC1
I got to my to room and turned on the air-conditioning because it was so hot and humid
and I fell asleep. The room cooled off beautifully everything did -
I got up went outside with my camera. The heat and humidity hit it.
The camera completely fogged up.
The lens and I can only imagine that even inside - everything
is cold and the humidity hits it
it had to get wet. As soon as the humidity evaporated the camera worked perfectly.
We have taken our cameras through
tropical depressions and storms, evacuations twice
a hurricane
most recently December
2009 up on Big White mountain, British Columbia riding behind the
rescue personal on a snow mobile,scooting up the mountain
I'm holding my HC9 camcorder out
filming. It's not in a protective housing. The camera is out there for the elements to hit it.
The lens freezes up
And to remedy this,
the only thing I did was put the camera back inside my jacket
for a few minutes and the camera worked perfectly.
I love SONY's reliability
and the vast selection of cameras they have and now I have some really amazing news
because in the last couple weeks we have been informed by SONY Canada
that Cindy & I will be getting
product sponsorship from SONY Canada
So we have
a wish list now of three cameras;
2 of them are consumer single chip cameras, top the line
240 GB harddrive camera
and I'm saying 240 GB because when Cindy & I travel one of the biggest
things for us is capacity
If we take off from the airport in Kelowna
and fly to Edmonton and on to Toronto and down to Jamaica
I want to have the capacity
to keep filming
I also need a small cameras that I can put
inside a case
or easily carry around. It can't be a big camera.
It's got to be small
And the other camera that we have the on the wish list is the flash drive camera.
It's again, got a whole lot of features, geo-positioning
and the golf swing mode. It has so many different features
that I can't wait to get them.
I can go through all the different things that they offer and show you because
it is an amazing thing.
And finally
I'm taking a chance because I also put in for
the SONY top-of-the-line camera
and that is called the
excuse me for one second
It is the
HDRAX2000 camera
flash drive, flash memory fashion camera. It is 3 chips. It has all the bells and whistles.
My reason for that is that the last year will filmed things like
RAREARTH jazz and blues festival where the great legend, Buddy Guy played
You've seen his video on our
YouTube channel and those are shot with an HDRHC9 Camera
Well I want to be able to film events like that with
the best equipment that we can possibly do
and this still pro-consumer equipment it's still something that it want to go high-end.
If you about going beyond
That you can afford and use, and from what I have read about it, is that it is absolutely
an amazing camera. They say that the low light capability of it
1.5 Lux is
just like WOW! Like this is my passion and I'm excited about it!
But on top of that we're also getting the related equipment that goes with it.
Extra batteries, chargers
the latest SONY computers. SONY FC series
F computers, gaming computers
high speed very fast, state of the art
computers so
it's going to be an exciting time
I have filmed
for more than 8 years using exclusively SONY. I've never used another computer besides
All of our videos are edited with SONY Vegas
and now Pro 9
HD editing software
We will continue to stay SONY. I love it
I love using all the different features and I'm saying I love it because it is it's a passion
when you're passionate about something you love it
I get giddy when I take the camera out
and we come across some flowers and you see a bumble on it
and you can go to macro and get shots
and you're going "holy smokes! I can see the hairs on it's legs!"
and the little whiskers on the flower. I mean this is amazing video.
These kinds of things excite me. But we're also excited because we're getting now
more and more requests
offers to come and and video, film
We have one right now to the Riviera Maya
all expenses paid. All we have to do is say yes
and we're well on our way to the Riviera Maya in August for filming.
We're in with Jamaica We want to videos again in Jamaica
To inspire people to go to that destination. It's an amazing
beautiful place
all the different things. Things are really coming together. It's been an amazing eight years
And I've got to say to SONY
make believe is true
If you make believe
you inspire
and put yourself out there anything is possible. Thank you. END